Flynn family opens fashion boutique

Kirby, Tillie and Kelsie Flynn are the faces behind the latest online boutique, Painted Fringe, offering western wear to their customers in and out of the county.

A new venture hit the web in the past month, spreading Oregon Outback vogue near and far. The Flynn Family, mother Tillie and daughters Kelsie and Kirby, are the ones behind Painted Fringe Boutique, offering a widespread of styles to their customers. 

The idea of opening up a boutique has been ongoing for a couple years and this summer the trio got serious about it. They decided on a name and set up the business as a partnership.

Kelsie, a clinical pharmacist who lives in Bend, takes care of webpage and promotion while Kirby, who works as a veterinarian at Lakeview Animal Hospital, handles all the bookkeeping and finances. The matriarch of the home, Tillie, who is the general manager of the Lake County Examiner, is in charge of the shipping responsibilities. Kelsie and Tillie order the bulk of the inventory while Kirby puts in her two cents. 

Tillie explained that the business works by ordering wholesale through various companies, adding variety and styles to their online store. So far, 50 percent of sales are from Lakeview while the other half are outside its boundaries. About 50-75 percent of Painted Boutique selections comes from the United States, an important aspect to the Flynn family. 

Though the store is online, the Flynn’s have put their boots to the ground with pop-up boutiques. The first took place the first weekend of November at the Ladies Day Out in Adel. Kelsie has hosted a few in Bend. The next pop-up boutique will take place Saturday, Dec. 16 at A Back Yard Floral. Billed as a “Sip and Shop,” owner Lorrie Reif will host a wine tasting while the Flynn’s will bring their entire new inventory, including clothing, tops, outerwear and jewelry. They also received a few stocking stuffer ideas such as beanies and more. Those who want to have private showings, Tillie and the girls are always willing to set one up for their convenience. 

For more information contact Tillie at 541-219-0918, Kelsie at 541-207-4480 or Kirby at 541-207-4479. Visit

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