Former Round-Up Courts needed

Calling all former Round-Up Queens and Courts. All are encouraged and invited to participate in the Labor Day Parade on their own horse or by wagon/trailer, provided by the Round-Up Association. 

Past Court co-organizer, Barb Albertson believes the former Courts are excited about the upcoming 100 year Round-Up celebration after reaching out to hundreds of individuals. 

“People that have contacted us have been thrilled and eager to participate,” she said.

But, there still are folks out there that haven’t signed-up to attend. Albertson and co-orgainizer, daughter Stacy Albertson want to complete the list of attendees as soon as possible.

The Committee is also asking all former Queens to contact their courts and relay the information. If anyone is struggling to round up her Court, let the Committee know before July 1 and help will be provided. Participants are encouraged to wear their court outfits, or a coordination of outfits if the originals aren’t available/won’t work. The previous Courts will be introduced on Sunday and Monday just before the start of the rodeo.

There will be a Lake County Round-Up Royalty Social on Sunday, Sept. 1 at 11 a.m. in the Re-Ride Room. The social will be in honor of one of the founding members, John C. Flynn, sponsored by his descendants for past court attendees. 

Immediately following the parade on Monday, there will be a luncheon for courts and presidents at the Re-Ride Room. The event will be sponsored by Ed and Mildred Garrett Rodeo Court Fund, so be sure to visit the Ed Garrett Memorial Past Presidents’ Museum during the celebration to pay tribute to 100 years of memories. 

Watch the Facebook site titled, “100 years of Lake County Round-Up Queens & Courts.” Updates will be provided. 

Contact either Barb Albertson by phone at 541-417-0988 or or Stacy Albertson by email by no later than July 1.

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