Former Summer Lake resident signs record deal

Richlin, a Christian music rock band, founded by former Summer Lake resident and Paisley school graduate Brandon Richardson has recently released its first songs under the Gotee music label.

Brandon Richardson, who grew up in the Summer Lake area and graduated from Paisley School, has seen his Christian rock music career take off after his band — Richlin — signed a deal with Gotee Records late last year. In 2020 Richlin released their first album under the label called “Welcome to Richlin;” it included the group’s first singles “Royal Blood” and “Living Like Thunder.”

Richardson said that growing up in Summer Lake had an indelible influence on him and his music. He received his first guitar when he was seven-years-old and began to play it at church. He continued to play the instrument through college; he began the band, performed music and independently releasing albums. Richardson said that living in Summer Lake the only radio station that was available was a country music station, which influenced him and his style. Even though the commute to school was long, he would not have traded it for anything in the world.

“I originally wanted to be a preacher after I graduated from Paisley. I originally went to Seattle and then eventually to Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas,” said Richardson.

He continued to play and make music while he was in college, often performing with other like-minded individuals. While becoming a preacher did not work out, Richardson said spreading the word of the Lord through music has become his ministry. He is a worship leader in Sisters, where he lives with his wife, four kids and near his father; he has always felt the call to reach others through music and worship.

“Man, the music business is tough if you do not get streams… before I signed with Gotee Records many people did not hear the self-released records the band put out,” said Richardson.

He said that being signed by Gotee Records was divine providence and grace. He is a fan of TobyMac, who owns the label, and was excited when he got the call from the company that they wanted to sign him and his band to a record deal. He credits Ryan Stevenson, who grew up in Bonanza and is an artist on the Gotee label, with helping him sign on with Gotee. Richardson said that Stevenson got ahold of some of the band’s early records and presented them to Gotee management. Afterward it was not long before Gotee came knocking.

For the rest of the story pick up the Dec. 23 edition of the Examiner.

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