Four students inducted into LHS Honors Society

Zach Reese, l-r, Allison Hussey and Samantha Hopper all were sworn in as new Honors Society members on Thursday, May 23. Not pictured: Kaley Schneider.

Lakeview will have four new students in the Honors Society next fall. 

Zach Reese, Allison Hussey, Samantha Hopper and Kaley Schneider were all inducted into the Honors Society at a special ceremony on Thursday, May 23. 

This year’s ceremony was held out at the Warner Canyon Ski Hill. To begin the ceremony, Keenan Sterba, Pres. Samantha Nicholl, Michaela Cuff and Tucker Clarke each went over the four pillars of the organization, scholarship, leadership, service and character. Nicholl lit a candle for each of the traits that each of the members of the Honors Society live by. 

With several events taking place this year, each member of the various committees gave an overview of what each event entitled. Events included babysitting services for parent teacher conferences, the dodgeball tournament, the Lake County Chamber of Commerce Gala and the Sunflower for Noni Color Run. Each student gave recognition for all of the hard work that each Honors Society member put in to make this year a success. 

Nicholl then swore in the four new members and they recited the Honors Society oath. 

LHS Prin. Lane Stratton gave a small address to the new members and the crowd on hand. 

“In examining the four pillars of the organization, these Honors Society students are really strong with their academic pieces, are great leaders,” Stratton said. “But to me, the service piece is outstanding. I didn’t realize just how much these students did as a group, until Miss. Nicholl gave a presentation to the school board. They do a great job with giving back to the community and working with our various service clubs.”

Stratton recognized each of the seniors, while Honors Society Advisor Lisa Shullanberger gave chords to the 10 graduating seniors; Michaela Cuff, Kyala Franklin, Brette Graham, Samantha Nicholl, Abbie Stephens, Jamie Friermood, Evan Reese, Melanie Theall, Keenan Sterba and Alexis Johnson. Each of the seniors let the crowd know of their prospective plans after graduation, where they’re attending college and major.

Shullanberger said a few words about each of the seniors and all they have meant to the Honors Society over the last year or two. 

“As you can see this is a very student driven organization,” Shullanberger said. “They have passion for service, academics, leadership and it’s pretty awesome to be around people who are like me in that aspect. The adults in this community do a fantastic job at raising kids and every day I see it in my classroom. We not only have a special group of students in Honors Society, but in Lakeview High School as a whole.” 

Next, was the awarding of the Noni Vandenberg Scholarship, which was given to Sterba, who received $500 to go towards college. 

To wrap up the meeting, Shullanberger read a poem and was given a bouquet of flowers by the NHS graduating seniors.

For more information, contact Lakeview High School at 541-947-2287.

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