Some of Lakeview’s next generation of stars showed their flair during the Lake County Youth Mentor Program (LCYMP) Thursday Night Lights Talent Show.

With 15 talented acts coming across the AD Hay Elementary stage, only the top three places were awarded with a cash prize. Wyatt Hicks and his comedic teacher act took first place ($75 donated from KORV 93.5 FM “The Goose”), Josiah Mosely placed second with his “Dueling Banjos” rendition on banjo ($50 donated by ACE Hardware) and Jocelyn Pittman and Lillian Guido-Perez’s tap dance to “Smooth Criminal” and Benny “The Terrible” Wilson’s magic show tied for third place ($25 donated from Les Schwab Tires). 

A three-judge panel of Debbie Watts, Robbie McGowan and Mike Smith sorted the acts into a seven stage scoring rubric. Acts were given a number zero through two with 14 points possible. After much debate, the winners were decided, but the rest of the acts made it difficult for the judges to pick just three. 

Throughout the night various acts had the crowd clapping, cheering and on the edge of their seat. Trinity Seeley sang “You Are My Sunshine”, Catherine Goeres sang “Fight Song” and Lilly Fernlund provided a gymnastics routine to the song “Life Changes”. Cole Bray sang “Snapback”, Addalee Tague and Quinn Muller combined to dance to the song “Watch Me”, Delilah Schlesinger acted out a puppet show and Jon Greer rapped an original song about Donald Trump. Emma Halbleib sang “Dream”, Ella Morris and Emilia Cazarin combined to sing “Complicated”, Kimberly Baker sang “Lost Boy” and Raylene Severson and Haley Neider danced to Mary Poppin’s “Supercalifragilistic”. 

With emcee Joann Dickson leading the way and introducing acts, the night was full of laughs, applause, popcorn, cotton candy and an overall fun atmosphere. 

Without the coordination of LCYMP’s LeAnn Davis and Briana McClain and the support of the program’s Board, the program’s first talent show wouldn’t have been a success according to Dickson. 

Behind the scenes, the stage crew, lighting and sound team of Will Hicks, Jeffrey Mailovski, Madison Otterman, Wyatt McMahan and Aden Nielsen provided the assistance needed to get the show running smoothly. 

KORV, Les Schwab Tire Center, ACE Hardware, Pardue Construction and Outback Plumbing and Remodeling Inc sponsored the event. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with LCYMP’s Become a Hero, sign up to be a team member, a 1-1 mentor or volunteer at a few of the upcoming events.  Reach out to Davis or McClain at 541-947-4880.

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