Goose Lake Grill opens its doors

Mike Steiner, owner of Goose Lake Grill has already seen a “lot of business” since opening on Wednesday, April 17.

A new take-and-bake on the food space in Lakeview has just recently opened its doors. 

With their soft opening on Wednesday, April 17, Goose Lake Grill is up and grilling thanks to the work of Mike Steiner and May Saecaho. The business will operate dishing up Asian-inspired and Thai meals. 

Smoothies, thai curry, spring rolls, hotdogs/polish dogs, cotton candy, churros and other items will see their place on the menu, but all orders will be take-out only since there’s no restaurant seating area inside. 

As of right now, there’s also no hood in the building for cooking purposes. Steiner is trying to build something that he could use to cook with. As an additional option, he’s already had a conversation with Town officials and they allowed him to have a BBQ outside for grilling in the summer.

There’s still some debate that the restaurant might transition from a summer grill menu and then in the winter move to more of a take-and-bake focus. There are still a lot of moving parts that could come into the fold. 

Steiner has a background as a chef, most recently working for Lake Health District as a cook. He’s also worked as a sous-chef for Hilton Corporation. While living in Klamath Falls, Steiner had opened a food truck that featured the same style of items on its menu. 

For Steiner, moving to Lakeview was always in his future plans. 

“You know it was always a place I wanted to raise my kids,” he said. After visiting for swim meets over the years, he knew the town was the place he wanted to lay his roots. 

Goose Lake Grill will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is located at 411 N. 1st St., in Lakeview. For all take-out calls, please dial 541-219-9624. 

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