Darwin and youngest

Lake County Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson is pictured recovering with his youngest child following his surgery last week.

Lake County Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson is recovering from surgery he had last week in Portland to remove cancerous lymph nodes from five areas of his neck; he also underwent a total thyroidectomy. Johnson was released from the hospital Saturday, Jan. 23 and returned to Lakeview not longer after with his wife Candace Johnson. He was greeted by a warm welcome from his 10 children, who had created colorful signs for him and were overjoyed to see their dad return.

Johnson was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma thyroid Cancer on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020, just before Christmas

“Surgery will be very extensive,” Candace wrote in a public Facebook post to share details of the procedure with friends and family prior to her husband’s surgery. “He will have his thyroid completely removed along with all the cancerous lymph nodes and tissue. The surgeon said to expect surgery to last 9+ hours and his incision will be quite large due to the number of lymph nodes it has spread to,” she explained, noting, “Surprisingly and to our relief they will allow me to stay with him in the hospital.”

Following the surgery on Wednesday, Jan. 20, Candace was informed by the surgeon that there was a significant amount of cancerous lymph nodes on both the right and left sides of Darwin’s neck as well as centrally. She confirmed that he will be doing radioactive iodine treatments “to take care of any cancerous cells remaining and the spots on his lungs.”

As Darwin and Candace arrived home from surgery, their beaming children held signs with positive messages like “Johnson Family Strong” and “Light the World” — the latter of which is a movement that encourages people to think of someone to serve each day and, in so doing, follow “the example of Jesus Christ.”

Johnson has experienced a lot of pain since his operation, his wife said, but they are thankful for the prayers and positivity that have been extended to them from Lakeview and beyond.

“We’ve had so many people reach out and offer prayers and help. We feel so blessed and loved. We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers love and support. We will press forward with Faith in knowing the Lord has a plan and that we can get through this,” Candace shared.

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