KCC provides new opportunities for Lake County

Klamath Community College is prepping for its upcoming school year in a big way, offering a bunch of new classes and opportunities to Lake County. With Registration ending on Friday, Sept. 21, the time is now to enroll.

Klamath Community College (KCC) Lake County extension site in Lakeview has a lot of new opportunities on the horizon.

As classes begin for the next term on Sept. 24, registration is open now until Friday, Sept. 21. Potential students are encouraged to sign up for classes or the career services/workforce opportunities.

With a career services and workforce office located in the Lake County Courthouse, the development of students that need certification training is made easier. Working with local businesses, KCC works to provide intern and externships for students that can eventually develop into a training program for whatever certifications required by the employer. 

One of the extension sites newest offerings will be on-site anatomy and physiology labs taught by local Chiropractor, Dr. David Ager. In the past, students would have to travel the almost two hour journey to Klamath Falls in order to take these labs.

Lake County Program Coordinator, Cheryl Eniero, will begin her fourth academic year with KCC this fall and has seen the development of the site over the last few years. 

“With road conditions in the winter and other conditions like construction, deer and who knows what, our students would have to make a commitment to at least four hours of their day just to make the trip there and back,” said Eniero.

KCC’s partnership with Lake Health District has progressed their rural nursing program greatly. On Aug. 23, four nurses will receive their pinning ceremony, welcoming the newly graduated nurses into the profession.

In the fall, courses specifically pertaining to medical assisting, phlebotomy, dental assisting, English as a Second Language (ESL) and pharmacy tech will be available, with the winter term offering optometry tech opportunities as well.

KCC is a higher education provider for all ages, with a fifty-fifty split between high school students and working adults. Students who are involved with the program during high school work on earning college credit for general education courses that will transfer over to a larger university. 

“It really takes the fear barrier away that college is not so scary and ‘I can do it’,” said Eniero. “Some need to ease into the college scene and they can do that here.”

With few options for higher education opportunities in a remote area like Lake County, gathering students was thought to be an issue. 

“When Treasure Valley dropped their higher education, the higher ups told us that Lake County doesn’t graduate students,” said Eniero. “Given the right community and opportunity, we will have completers.”

This was proved during the spring term as KCC graduated their largest class ever with 18 Lake County graduates, a leap in the right direction for the site. 

With the Red Rock site coming in and lots of new changes to the County on the horizon, preparing students for local work force jobs and furthering their education is of the utmost importance. Bridging the gap between a low income family and providing a livable wage for graduates is something that Eniero puts on herself.

“It’s a very motherly feeling with such a small class,” said Eniero. “Our Lake County students are up to the challenge.”

For more information, contact Eniero at 541-407-1757, or follow along with updates on their official Facebook page at Klamath Community College - Lake County.

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