KLCAS hires Lake County community liaison

Abigail Suitter is the first community liaison for Klamath Lake Community Action Services (KLCAS) based in Lake County; she will assist people applying for various KLCAS programs.

Klamath Lake Community Action Services (KLCAS) has not had a community liaison in Lake County, until now, with the hire of Abigail Suitter as community liaison.

KLCAS is a non-profit organization that provides support through programs such as energy assistance for homes aiding acquisition of heating oil, wood, or electrical bill support. They also provide aid for families such as life skills workshops, parenting groups, and family development. KLCAS also works on homeless prevention by helping people move into new housing and provide short-term solutions and help fill gaps. Finally, they can act as a representative payee for social security benefits to help pay bills and other items when the Social Security Administration has deemed a person is unable to do it on their own.

Before Suitter, there was no community liaison in Lake County, but there has been a person to help people in the Lakeview area gain access to the energy assistance program. KLCAS realized they were not getting enough applications from Lake County, and felt people were not getting the help they needed, which led to people abandoning their applications.

Suitter, while not making a final decision about applications for various programs, will help people from Lake County fill out applications, making sure it is filled out correctly and help complete the KLCAS application. Suitter plans to travel around Lake County talking to various groups and meet stakeholders to get the word out about KLCAS and the programs they offer to residents of Lake County. Her main role right now is outreach, and meeting with people across the county.

Once programs have funding she plans to meet with individuals to assure proper services are being provided through KLCAS. One of her goals is to reach out to parts of the county, especially areas outside of Lakeview, that may not be aware of KLCAS and their programs.

“I will be doing outreach across the county, explaining and assisting with our (KLCAS) programs and services,” said Suitter.

Suitter spent her grade school years in the Silver Lake area before her family moved to a small farming community outside of Twin Falls, Idaho called Murtaugh; where she graduated from high school. Before applying for the liaison position, Suitter was attending the College of Southern Idaho, and applied for the position because she says she loves to work with people and help. She loves small towns, and Murtaugh is even smaller than Lakeview.

“I am so excited about this position, that is what drives me everyday to give what these people need out in the community,” said Suitter.

She loves the outdoors and the woods that are right outside of town. She also likes to hunt and bow fish.

Call 541-219-8128 for more information.

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