Lake County Search and Rescue holds annual awards banquet

Top Ten Volunteers: Whit Simpson (l-r), Chuck Messner, Lesa Cahill, Tracy McLain, Jeanne Munhall, Jama Lange, Ben Spence, Chris Bishop, Alan Munhall. Missing Steve Michael

On Saturday, Dec. 14, the Lake County Sheriff held, and gave out awards, at the awards banquet for search and rescue volunteers.

Volunteers of Lake County Search and Rescue (LCSAR) support the sheriff's office in various roles as requested but have the main purpose of providing search and rescue services to Lake County. In 2019 the volunteers gave over 1900 hours of service including 760 hours of training and 622 hours in actual searches involving 21 different missions.

The top ten volunteers in 2019 based on hours donated were: Lesa Cahill 274 hours, Alan Munhall 269 hours, Chuck Messner 240 hours, Chris Bishop 154 hours, Jeanne Munhall 131 hours, Ben Spence 103 hours, Whit Simpson 88 hours, Jama Lange 72 hours, Steve Michael 67 hours and Tracy McLain 52 hours.

The Lake County Sheriff recognized Ben Spence and Jama Lange as volunteers of the year for the amount of time they spent on actual searches and for the efforts Ben has put into maintaining SAR equipment. Chuck Messner was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for his leadership to SAR for the last 10 years. Receiving recognition for five years of service were Kerry MacCalden and Daniel Tague, for 10 years of service were Chuck Messner and Lissa Webbon, for 15 years of service Bruce Webbon and for 30 years Perry Parmelee. New command staff for 2020 was announced as Lesa Cahill, commander; Alan Munhall, vice commander; and Chris Bishop, secretary/treasurer.

If people wish to join LCSAR contact a member of LCSAR for an application or call Alan Munhall at 541-947-4872. A tax deductable donation can be sent in the name of LCSAR and sent to Lake County Sheriff, 513 Center St, Lakeview, OR 97630; or be given to any of the command staff of LCSAR.

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