Lakeview Holiday Fair canceled

Sandi Johnson, l-r ,created a Christmas quilt that will be raffled during the 2021 Holiday Fair, displayed with LDH Aux. Pres. Janine Simms.

Lake District Hospital Auxiliary recently announced that they made the decision to cancel its Holiday Fair. The Holiday Fair is a longtime Lakeview tradition; 2020 would have been its 51st year.

Auxiliary Pres. Janine Simms explained that the cancelation decision was made in light of ongoing COVID restrictions. The reason the announcement was made so early, she explained, was so that the many vendors who sell their goods at the fair would have plenty of notice.

Early September is typically the time that the Auxiliary sends out letters to the vendors who are participating in the fair. “We wanted the vendors to know so they wouldn’t put funding into their projects,” Simms said. Not being able to sell to people at the fair also means a loss of anticipated income for the vendors, so the sooner they can make other plans, the better. There are 62 spots for sellers at the Holiday Fair, and many return year after year, Simms noted.

One of the factors in the Auxiliary’s decision to cancel the event was that they would not be allowed to have more than 50 people inside the building at one time, Simms explained, adding that they weren’t going to make people wait out in the snow for their turn to venture inside.

The Holiday Fair is an important source of funding for the Lake District Hospital. In addition to booth fees collected from the vendors, the Auxiliary holds a raffle and sells pies to generate additional funding. All the proceeds go toward the purchase of need equipment for the hospital, Simms said.

The LDHA has not yet decided what it might do to make up for the loss of funding from canceling the Holiday Fair. The Auxiliary puts on another fundraiser each spring, where ladies pay to play bridge and pinochle. The event includes dessert and door prizes. The LDHA does not yet know if it will be able to move forward with that fundraiser.

As for the Christmas quilt raffle that would have happened at this year’s Holiday Fair, the LDHA decided the quilt will be raffled at the 2021 Holiday Fair instead. On the bright side, the Auxiliary now has over a year to sell raffle tickets for the item.

The quilt was donated by Sandi Johnson, who Simms said is “an excellent quilt maker.” Raffle tickets can be purchased from LDHA members for $5 each, or six tickets for $25.

Simms said the community has been understanding about the Holiday Fair cancellation, and added that they have not received any negative feedback.

For more information about the fair and raffle, call 541-219-2024.

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