Lakeview museums open to the public

Lake County Museum and the Schminck

Memorial Museum will be opening to the public on Thursday, June 4; their hours will be

Thursday – Saturday, Noon – 4 p.m.

After being delayed in opening to the general public due to businesses and museums being closed by the Governor, the Lake County Museum and the Schminck Memorial Museum are opening their doors to visitors on Thursday, June 4.

Normally the two museums would be open to the public at the beginning of May, but at that time Gov. Kate Brown was not allowing non-essential businesses, museums and other retail to open their doors. With Lake County in Phase 1 reopening that allows places like museums, in addition to restaurants and retail locations, to open their doors to the general public as long as social distancing guidelines can be met. Part of those guidelines is not to allow mass gatherings of more than 25 people currently.

Like retail businesses the two museums will have signs put up telling people to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation while they are visiting. Whether it is coughing into an elbow, washing or sanitizing hands, or wearing a mask. Also pointing out that if people are sick that they should stay home and not come inside. Similar to other places the museums will not require people to wear masks when they visit, though they are being encouraged to wear one.

According to Marie Lee, curator of the museums, she is asking that people maintain social distancing of six feet apart from each other. Especially if they are not family members and to not touch the exhibits. At both museums hand sanitizer will be provided.

While Lee wishes to keep gatherings to a minimum, she is going to be giving tours to those that make arrangements in advance. Lee can be reached at 541-417-0459, though according to Phase 1 guidelines those are limited to no more than 25, but with the size of the two museums it might be smaller to make sure people can keep their distance.

Currently the museums hours of operation are Thursday – Saturday from Noon – 4 p.m., with admission being $6, which covers entrance to both the Lake County Museum and the Schminck Memorial Museum.

The Lake County Museum is located at 118 S. E St., Lakeview.

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