Mark Lee at the Rotary Club

Mark Lee visited the Rotary Club on Wednesday, July 17 and updated the members on his academic progress. 

Vocational Scholarship winner Mark Lee updated the Rotary Club of Lakeview on what he has accomplished since receiving the scholarship.

Lee a 2018 graduate of Lakeview High School has been busy since receiving the $2500.

He attended Southwest Oregon Community College in Coos Bay to study welding and this year plans on coming back to Lake County to attend Klamath Community College to receive a technical studies degree with an emphasis on welding.

While the decision is never easy, Lee returned to Lake County to be closer to home and because he loves Lake County. 

He attended the Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, July 17 to inform the club on his progress and what he was studying. He thanked the Rotary Club for the opportunity and for awarding him the scholarship. 

The scholarship, given out every year has been around since 1979 and was originally given out as a $1000 scholarship. Since 2015, the amount increased to $2500. 

The scholarship is open to any high school student and they must provide proof of acceptance into a vocational program at a state university, technical school, community college, business school or other trade school. 

If applicants are high school students, they must show academic ability in all classes, but special weight is placed on courses, grades and demonstrated interest in vocational classes.

The Rotary Vocational Student Scholarship is good for one year and the award will be sent directly to the school registrar office to cover any tuition, fees and supplies. 

If the recipient does not complete the term, the refund will return to the Rotary Club in Lakeview. The scholarship is not intended for students seeking a bachelor, master or doctorate degree.

For more information, visit the Rotary Club facebook page.

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