Lego 8-foot Eiffel Tower on display at Back Yard Floral

Brothers Johnny Morris, left, and Andy Morris stand inside Back Yard Floral next to the 8-foot tall Eiffel Tower model they built from approximately 28,000 Legos.

There is still time to see an eye-popping 8-foot Lego model of the Eiffel Tower built by two Lakeview youth, which has been occupying the window of Back Yard Floral for a few weeks.

Brothers Johnny Morris, age 14, and Andy Morris, age 12, spent a month building the creation and said it will be on display in Back Yard Floral through Monday, Oct. 12.

The brothers said their Eiffel Tower is made up of approximately 28,000 Legos. They have amassed a collection of approximately 250,000 Legos, which take up eight large tubs. They received a good portion of their stockpile from donations.

Andy and Johnny have been building with Legos since they were much younger. They started around the ages of 2 and 4, respectively. Andy recalled the first Lego set they ever received was for a small dump truck. He said at age 2 he got to work building it himself. Though he would get “really frustrated” by the challenge at times, he kept at it. The 200-piece model took him a week to construct. He then took it apart and built it again, cutting his time in half. He kept rebuilding the dump truck, each time reducing his build time by approximately 50% until it took him only a couple hours to put the dump truck together.

For the full story read the Sept. 30 edition of the Lake County Examiner.

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