Lego Camp attendees

4-H Lego campers had a blast at the lego camp and show off some of the projects that they created.

This year, the OSU Extension Office celebrated the 4-H Lego Camp 10th Year anniversary. Children grades 2nd through 6th participated in engaging, hands-on Lego building that explored core STEM concepts. 

Melissa Maxwell, 4-H education assistant, planned four days of activities, building simple to complicated structures, vehicles and machines to code them to interact with the surrounding environment. While building, they learned the fundamental principles of engineering, enhanced personal creativity, learned to collaborate with their partner and create without fear of mistakes.

There were three stations that each child participated in throughout the week. Each station was led by teen helpers Denver Johnson, Eli Rucker and Gabe Brain. Station 1 investigated weather-related hazards that can influence our community and then created a computer-programmed helicopter to lower a chain to help with survival during this weather-related hazard. 

In addition, each group modified this device to go on a zip-line. Station 2 was the Free Build station where there was no limit to what they could create. They were to use their creative ideas and build a Lego mural or mosaic that will be displayed in the 4-H Exhibit buildings during the Lake County Fair. Station 3 involved the use of two robots, the Sphero Bolts and Ozobots. Using the Sphero Bolts, campers were to design and build a unique chariot with Legos to fit on the Sphero, then program the Sphero to race another chariot. The Ozobot Maze station challenged the campers to build a maze with Legos, then use problem-solving and creative coding to make the Ozobots navigate their way from start to finish in the maze.

Lego Party Day was the last day of camp where campers had the opportunity to show-n-tell a Lego build brought from home. This was followed by several Lego game challenges where they designed a pair of Lego eyeglasses. Campers finished off the day with homemade cupcakes and game prizes. Parents can see photos of their child’s Lego builds on Facebook Lake County 4-H Oregon. Don’t forget to stop by the 4-H Exhibit buildings during the Lake County Fair to see their free build Lego mosaics.

For more information contact the Extension Office at 541-947-6054.

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