LHS flowers on sale at local nursery

Signs like this mark flowers raised by Lakeview High School students and will be sale at Bloomers Country Nursery, with the proceeds going to support the LHS horticulture program.

Even though the annual Lakeview High School plant sale is not going to occur during its normal time of Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9, the plants have been to Bloomers Country Nursery and will be sold there with the proceeds going to support the horticulture program of Lakeview High School.

DaNae Bauer, who teaches the horticulture program at LHS and co-owns Bloomers Country Nursery, is transferring the plants the students have worked on growing either from seeds or from starts to the store. They will be marked with a special sign so that people know which ones were grown by students.

Over the year students in the program, an elective, grow plants and flowers for the annual sale and Bauer did not want them to go to waste. Hanging baskets range from $44 – 55, depending on size. Peppers are $2.99, tomatoes $6.99, packs of four annuals are $3.99 and four-inch plants are $4.99.

Money from the sale has generally gone to support the buying of seeds, and starts, with Bauer getting close outs from Ace Hardware in Lakeview and from other places when the season is close to over.

This is the fifth year that Bauer has been running the plant sale and horticulture program, and the 20th year that it has been around.

The money often goes to repair the greenhouses that are used in the program, and it will also go towards the new raised flower bed that she is having built. This will allow plants to mature outside, though that will not be started until the new fence is built to keep out deer and other animals. Money also goes towards buying flowers for the floral design classes at the high school.

The plants went on sale Friday, May 8 and will continue until they sell out. Bloomers Country Nursery is located at 921 N. 4th St., Lakeview and their phone number is 541-947-5581.

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