LHS foreign exchange student heads home early

Foreign exchange student Carlota Reig, pictured here at the Rotary Leap for Young fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 29, is heading home early on Thursday, May 7.

Current foreign exchange student Carlota Reig, who is from Madrid, Spain, is heading back to her homeland on Thursday, May 7.

Due to COVID-19 the Spanish Rotary organization and the United States District 51-10, which the Rotary Club of Lakeview is part of, is recalling all its students back home. While Reig was staying in Oregon at the wishes of her family, who felt she was safer in Oregon; the parent organization, and the district organization, at the same time are sending their students home. The District 51-10 is sending all its foreign exchange students back to their home countries.

Reig came over as part of the Rotary exchange program to spend an academic year at an American school. While she is from a much larger city in Spain she has found the time enjoyable while being in Lakeview despite its small size. She had the opportunity to take part in multiple sports during her time at Lakeview High School, something that she did not have the opportunity to do at her high school in Spain because they do not offer sports.

Since the schools have been shut down, the Rotary Club and Reig, have been in touch with her family in Madrid. With Spain under a total lockdown, they felt she would be better off for now staying in the area, but she is now heading home.

Also the leadership of Rotary in the United States had made the decision not to have any foreign exchange students next year, either coming to the United States or traveling abroad.

For more information contact Robie McGowen, of the Rotary Club of Lakeview, at 339-225-2657.

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