LHS grad publishes first  novel, acknowleges teachers

Billie Parsons

Lakeview High School graduate Billie Parsons nee Hutchins, has published her first novel in a five novel series entitled “Fragile: A Bradshaw Brothers novel.”

Parsons graduated from Lakeview High School in 2016, and spent a couple of years at Klamath Community College and a couple at Central Oregon Community College; where she is now trying to get accepted into the nursing program.

She describes the novel as a romance/suspense style, as a whodunit type of novel, as it follows Emma and Jackson. Parsons loosely based Emma on herself, as she describes Emma as a nurse; though other details such as running from a dark past and the like are entirely fictional.

She credits English teachers she had while at school as two of her major influences, Nikki Voelkel and Kristen Collins. Parsons remembered Voelkel as a kind hearted teacher that was always positive in class and reminded everyone that they could write. Collins was similar and told Parsons never to stop, to always keep writing.

Parsons described the birth of the first novel as something that she has always wanted to do and went with it.

“Something inside of me said that I can write a novel and I just kind of went with it,” said Parsons. “I didn’t tell anyone, except my husband, until I was completed with the first novel.”

Parsons described writing the first novel as by the seat of her pants, she really did not do too much outlining and other than coming up with a general idea and the charaters names and that they would work together she did not really think through the book.

“Half-way through writing the book I talked to a local author in Redmond, from that conversation about writing and structure I went home and deleted most of the book and started over,” said Parsons.

She said that the sequel, which will take place in the same universe but featured different main characters, is more structured before hand and not so much by the seat of the pants type of writing. Parsons did say that she still likes to write under pressure and edit later; and that editing is one of the toughest parts. Parsons does have beta readers who read it and an editor to help edit the book.

Parsons described the process as taking longer than she thought, as she is going to school and working full time. She writes when she has free time, and the first book took around six months to complete. With the editing, proofing, and beta readers taking around another three months.

She is proud of her work, and is currently working in a sequel which she plans to release later this year.

“I am happy with the response to the book so far. I am so excited to share my work and I hope everyone enjoys the book,” said Parsons.

Currently she is selling the book on her website billieparsons.com, Amazon and Herringbone Books in Redmond. She can be reached through her website or on facebook at facebook/com/billiesbookbabes; and is looking at getting it onto the shelves of the Barnes and Noble in Bend.

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