Silver Creek Burn

Silver Creek Fire is a lightning caused fire that was discovered on July 14 on the Silver Lake Ranger District, Fremont-Winema National Forest one mile south of Thompson Reservoir. Firing operations were recently completed and all objectives were met successfully.

Crews will remain on scene patrolling and mopping up the fire perimeter.  Smoke will most likely be visible in the area for the next few days. 

Recreation sites in the area include Thompson Reservoir and East Bay Campground.

Over the past few days South Central Oregon received a small number of lightning strikes spreading across Klamath and Lake counties.  It is expected that over the next few days we will continue to discover additional fires as the fuels dry out.

When safe to do so, fire personnel will look for opportunities on naturally occurring wildfires to improve habitat and restore ecological balance to our wildlands.

Land managers regularly work with stakeholders to strategically select vegetation treatment areas.  These treatments are proactive actions designed to protect communities and other values before a wildfire occurs.

As the weather continues to dry out, firefighters are prepared to address any wildfires discovered in the coming weeks.

Area residents and visitors can report suspected wildfires by calling the Lakeview Interagency Fire Center at 541-947-6315.

Forest visitors are asked to be careful with fire and anything that can throw a spark.  Campfires should never be left unattended and should be dead out before leaving.  This means drowned with water, stirred and be cold to the touch with no warm spots.

For more information, contact Jennifer Crites at 541-219-0515.

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