New Lakeview boutiques open for business

Red Barn Boutique co-owner Ann Logan, l, and Painted Fringe Boutique co-owner Tillie Flynn celebrated their stores’ soft grand opening Friday.

Red Barn Boutique and Painted Fringe Boutique held a soft grand opening Friday evening in their collective space located at 14 S. F St. Together the two stores offer a variety of women’s clothing – in sizes XS-3X – as well as home décor.

Both Red Barn and Painted Fringe have existed for approximately three years, but only recently opened in the same location. Red Barn was previously located by the Lakeridge Golf Course, while Painted Fringe operated largely online and in pop-up locations.

Red Barn is owned and operated by Ann Logan and her daughter Carla Patzke, and Painted Fringe is owned and operated by Tillie Flynn and her daughters Kirby Flynn and Kelsie Bostwick.

Logan said owning a boutique had always been in the back of her mind, and when her daughter moved back to Lakeview from Wyoming, they decided it was time to make the dream a reality.

Flynn and her daughters had operated Painted Fringe online for nearly three years and Tillie said her goal had always been to move to a retail location in downtown Lakeview.

When Patzke met Flynn at a bazaar the two discussed doing a pop-up sale together, Logan said. That led to Painted Fringe and Red Barn holding pop-up shopping events once a month over the past year. After working well together, the decision to move into a permanent space seemed “a natural fit,” Logan said. And the location on South F Street, near the Alger Theater, was perfect.

The businesses’ first days open in the new location have been going well, Flynn and Logan shared. “We’ve gotten a lot of new traffic and a lot of positive feedback,” Logan noted.

Both stores are focused on bringing options to Lakeview that people can’t find elsewhere in town. They visit markets and search catalogues with the goal of bringing in items and brands that other stores in town don’t carry. The strategy ensures there isn’t too much competition between local businesses, and serves Lakeview residents by offering them extended options without the need to travel.

“I love clothes and fashion. I love putting clothes on people and making them look the best they can,” Flynn said. Logan said that shopping is her favorite part of being a boutique owner.

The stores are working to have new merchandise every week in a variety of styles and prices so there is something for everyone.

The stores’ hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays from noon to 7 p.m., and Fridays from noon to 6 p.m.

For more information about Painted Fringe and Red Barns Boutiques, call 541-291-0918.

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