Trinity Baptist pastor Isaac

Dr. Jim Isaac is the new pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Lakeview. He and his wife Lola moved to the area in October from Sweet Home.

Lakeview’s Trinity Baptist Church has a new pastor, Dr. Jim Isaac, who moved to Lakeview from Sweet Home in October with his wife, Lola. Isaac said he saw a posting for the pastor position online. He and Lola had driven by the church in the past while passing through Lakeview on their Way to Winnemucca and thought it looked nice, so he decided to apply.

The couple attended Western Baptist College in Salem — now known as Corban University. Isaac holds a doctorate in ministry and a PhD in counseling and has been preaching over 35 years in states throughout the western U.S. and into Canada.

Before moving to Sweet Home, the Isaacs lived in Montana, where Isaac preached at a church in the small community of Glendive. They chose to move to Oregon to be closer to family.

Earlier in his life, Isaac worked setting up mobile home factories. After being saved, he said, “I felt the Lord call me into ministry.”

Since then, Isaac said he and Lola go “wherever the lord sends me.” He did church “pulpit supply” in California — filling into at churches that were in need of a pastor. Most of the places he has served have been “problems areas where they needed help,” Isaac described.

One of the most challenging parts of being a pastor is counseling people, he said, “particularly in today’s society,” with the prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction. Even with this PhD in counseling, “it’s still tough,” Isaac said, adding that whether an individual’s situation improves is largely dependent on whether they want help. “I’ve had failures and successes,” he said.

Ministering in the church is his favorite part of being a pastor, Isaac said. “My second favorite is church potlucks,” he added with a smile.

The Isaacs are still getting settled at their new home but said they have enjoyed living in Lakeview thus far and that it is a “nice community.” The two said Lakeview will be their last ministry location; they plan to stay in the area long term. Isaac said he hopes to grow the church “numerically and spiritually.”

Trinity Baptist Church is located at 728 N. 5th St. in Lakeview. Call 541-947-4311 for more information.

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