Ninety-nine-year-old Weaver’s quilt wins two first place awards

Fernette Weaver poses with her 1800 cotton-made quilt that received two first place ribbons at the Lake County Fair & Round-Up. 

Quilting is a past-time practiced by thousands of people.

Entering those masterpieces into the Lake County Fair is just another way to show all the hard work put into the process. 

For someone like Silver Lake resident, Fernette Weaver, 99 years have gone into developing that skill set. 

This weekend, Weaver’s queen sized quilt won two first place ribbons for a hand-pieced quilt and also for the “Love Quilt” Award. The award recognizes three individuals with first place taking home $75.

Piecing together a quilt is an extremely long process, but time isn’t of the essence for Weaver. “Oh I don’t know, I don’t keep track of my time really,” said Weaver.

The quilt was put together piece by piece, sometimes two pieces sewn together and is made of all cotton material from 1800. The back was sewn together with a single sewing thread and wasn’t fastened. In order to hold both sides together, Weaver sewed both the front and back seams so the quilt could be washed without falling apart. 

Weaver has been quilting since she was two years old and followed in the footsteps of her mother. 

After her mother ran out of material, Weaver took it upon herself to rally her sisters for more pieces. Eventually even more pieces were needed and this is when she wrote to Mr. Fix-It who worked for the Oregonian, inquiring if anyone had any pieces to send them to her. 

Little did she know this would result in 27 boxes of quilting pieces and inside was the materials for the first place quilt she entered to the Fair. 

Weaver had to redo all of the seams of the material as well and has since made two regular sized and six smaller quilts that are all ready to be quilted out of the material from the boxes and more she’s acquired over the years. 

She finished the quilting portion of her entry in February 1985. 

As for more quilting in the future, Weaver knows it’s in her blood. 

“I might do a few more, I never really put a lot of thought into it,” she said. 

The big 100th birthday comes on April 9, until then Weaver will be the talk of the quilting room leading up to next years 100th celebration of the Lake County Round-Up. 

A celebration as old as Weaver herself. 

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