Outhouse races to commence during Irish Days in Lakeview

KORV 93.5 FM “The Goose” was the winner of last year’s Examiner sponsored Outhouse races.

Lake County Examiner’s sponsored Outhouse Race will take place at the 34th annual Irish Days race on Saturday, March 16. Last year’s Outback Champion was KORV 93.5 “The Goose” and second place went to a group of Warner Valley students. 

This year’s race will take place at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 16. Outhouses are encouraged to be in the included in the Irish Days Parade. All team members must be 18 years of age or older, Registration fee for a team will be $10 and teams will consist of no more than five individuals including the driver. A signed waiver serves as registration and should be delivered to the Chamber by noon the day of the race. All outhouses should be lined up in front of the Chamber by 1 p.m. for inspection.

The race course will start on E Street between north 1st and 2nd streets ending at the crosswalk between the Chamber and Washington Federal. All team riders are required to wear a safety helmet and runners are encouraged but not required to wear knee pads. 

The outhouses must be a minimum of six feet, excluding chimney’s, flags or signs and can be built out of any material and have a roof. Outhouses cannot have a motor; they must be pushed or pulled with up to four people. No sled dogs, horses, llamas or any other animals may be used. 

A $100 cash prize will be awarded to first place, $75 for second place and $50 for best in show, selected by the LCE staff.

Registration forms and a complete list of rules can be picked up at the Lake County Examiner located at 739 N. F St. in Lakeview or at the Lake County Chamber of Commerce located at 26 N. E St. in Lakeview. 

For more information contact the Examiner at 541-947-3378 or LuAnn Anderson at luann.anderson@gmail.com.

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