Paisley holds snowman contest

Aspen Owens stands next to her snowman during the impromptu snowman contest in Paisley.

When life gives you snow, make a snowman. Since Paisley School closed and cancelled all activities, the students have been confined to their houses. So an 8-inch spring snow fall on March 18 was the perfect opportunity to get kids outdoors doing something fun. The city of Paisley put the word out, offering prizes for the most creative snowmen, with a deadline of 3:00 p.m. for the judging.

Mayor Ralph Paull and his wife Karon were amazed at the effort put into 18 entries. They traveled around town, taking photos which they posted on Facebook. “It gave the kids a chance to get outside and play, many parents got in on the project,” Ralph says.

Two entries tied for the first-place prize of $25 – a comical cowboy by Mason and Alicia Harms and a towering eight foot structure by Noah Negus, Lattigo Norris, Henry Hyde and Margarita Hatfield. Winning $20 each for second place were Aspen Owens, with a snow woman ready for spring, and a snow dog being walked by its owner created by Katie Murphy and Elizabeth Thomas. Receiving $15 each for third place were Cheyenne Lehman for her roping snowman and an archery snowman fashioned by Skyler and Grace DeLarm.

“It was hard to decide,” Karon says. “All 18 entries were winners.”

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