Parade brings joy during uncertain time

Teachers decorated their cars with posters and banners during the teacher parade on Wednesday, April 22.

Wanting to show their support for their students, teachers, and classified staff, threw a parade on Wednesday, April 22, traveling around Lakeview letting the children know still care and that they are still in the community.

Organized by Daly Middle School/Lakeview High School teacher Samantha Peek the participants in the parade decorated their cars, made signs and had an upbeat attitude during such an uncertain time. While the majority of the teachers participating were the elementary grades, the parade had teachers and staff from all the schools.

Kids lined the route waiting for their teachers, that they used to see everyday in the classroom, drive on by, lining both the side streets around the high school and E street, with their parents in tow. Both the teachers and the students were excited to see each other, something that they have not been able to do since Gov. Kate Brown shut down all K-12 schools in mid-March. For many kids this was the first time that they have seen their teachers face-to-face, unless it was in an online meeting, since the schools were shut down.

The teachers were equally excited to see the students, as they have been working on lesson plans, and changing how they get work to the students compared to how they normally interact with them. Now with paper work is going out through the mail, and on buses three times a week. The interaction between teacher and student has changed for both parties.

Going down the route all were excited to see each other again, as each teacher showed their pride in their students, and their school, whether it was Fremont/A.D. Hay or DMS/LHS with decorations and participation.

All parties are hopeful that normal instruction in the classroom will be able to resume in the fall so that all students receive face-to-face interaction, especially for the younger kids.

Watch coverage of the parade on the Lake County Examiner’s website and Facebook pages.

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