Pastor helping raise cans for family in need

Lakeview Assembly of God intern Josh Fledderjohann, l-r John Morris, Pastor Joel Morris and Andrew Morris sort through 41 bags and one pallet of cans for Mark and Tonia Albertson, whose house was lost in a fire. So far the church has raised close to $1300.

Lakeview Assembly of God pastor Joel Morris is raising money to help a family in need. 

For the last two weeks, the Lakeview Assembly of God trailer, parked right across from Safeway next to True Value has been receiving extra pop cans to help Mark and Tonia Albertson, who lost their house in a fire. Morris counted up the first round of can donations and the total raised was nearly $1300. The church uses the trailer for can donations year-round to help fund different programs, camps and other things. 

Even though he didn’t know the family personally, several members of his church did and as a church they wanted to do something to help out. 

“I could tell from the comments on Facebook that people were trying to figure out how to get this started and how to get a trailer,” Morris said. “It’s a lot of work to start from scratch, so we decided to lend the trailer for a great cause.” 

Morris said the church will be collecting cans through Sunday, Dec. 31 and residents can drop off cans in the Church’s trailer.

“A guy in our church works for the fire department and in the middle of service we heard the sirens go off and then his pager went off,” Morris said. “I knew right then it was serious, so we stopped and said a prayer for the situation and then found out about the fire at the house.” 

The church donated $500 right away to get the Albertson’s back on their feet after the fire. 

“It’s a great feeling to be able to help someone in need,” Morris said. “What we do in church services every week is teaching people all the time to express their faith in real world situations.” 

Morris said he doesn’t want to take credit for doing this; he just wants the community to know that all of the money was made through their generous donations.  

“I want to thank the community for turning out in such a big way,” Morris said. “I’ve never seen a pile of cans that big. I encourage everyone to keep donating if they can, so we can rally around people who need help.” 

For more information contact Morris at 541-947-2520.

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