12-18 Popvich Theater

Popovich gets ready to perform his signature acrobatic acts on stage during the Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet Show on Friday, Dec. 13, at the Alger Theater in Lakeview.

Gregory Popovich brought his comedy pet theater from the stages of Las Vegas, Nev. to the Alger Theater on Friday, Dec. 13 for a rousing performance in front of a raucous crowd.

The Alger Theater was packed with around 250 people in attendance for one of the few live acts that have passed through the area geared towards kids.

At the beginning was an introductory skit that introduced the audience to some of the performing animals, including a goose, dogs dressed as firemen who were putting out a fire, and cats doing tricks.

The star of the show, Gregory Popovich, began the event with performance of a skit where he left the corporate world and joined the circus. He was required to do a variety of tricks, such as climb a ladder straight up, stand on top, and then juggle. Other tricks revolved around juggling acts, with his animal compatriot performers doing jumping tricks.

Other parts of the show featured various animals, from wiener dogs doing jumping tricks, to pigeons climbing small ladders, and a parrot doing various flying tricks. Popovich then brought out his dogs performing various feats such as touching the globe, and answering math questions.

Towards the end of the show he brought out his performing cats, and talked briefly about how a person trains a cat to do tricks; the trick is to find out what the cat wants to do and then go from there. His cats performed climbing tricks, ladder tricks, pushed a grocery cart, and jumped onto his shoulders.

There was no intermission, as the audience sat enraptured by the performances, stunts, and tricks.

While there was some concern from Ginger Casto, project chair of Lakeview Community Partnership – owners of the Alger Theater, about how many people would show based on pre-sales, Casto was extremely happy with the audience response. She was especially proud after the program when Popovich went to the lobby to meet and greet the audience. Casto is excited about bringing similar entertainment for children, not just movies, to the Alger Theater in the future based on the response to the Popovich show.

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