Lakeview will be a tour stop for the historical show “Romancing The West – How the West was Sung,” which will be presented Saturday, Oct. 19 at 6 pm at the Alger Theater. Tickets are $10 per person .

“Historic and epic documentary meets live concert performance,” says their website. Two performers dressed in period costumes will tell stories about the history of the west, spanning 240 years from early explorers into modern times, including local places like Jacksonville. The show features a huge video screen as well as an all-original score offering music for each decade.

The show is produced by husband and wife team, Writer/Composer/Producer Christina Lynn Martin and co-producer Cowboy Poet and Balladeer Garnet “Butch” Martin. Roger Singleton of KORV saw them perform a few years ago.

“Christina has an amazing singing voice and the show is so interesting, especially if you like history. Butch tells cowboy stories and also reads some cowboy poetry. This was the only date they could do it, so we are lucky it worked,” said Singleton.

Marcie Wade, owner of KORV says she is, “very grateful to all the local businesses who helped to sponsor this show;” Mile Hi Tire, Back Yard Floral, Cornerstone Mineral, Golden Gem, Anderson Engineering & Surveying, Eagles Nest, Max’s Garage, Ace Hardware, TNet Broadband Internet, Bender’s, Howard’s Drugs, and Tall Town Bike & Camp.

KORV has given away some tickets by phone during call-in radio shows, and will give more away before the show. To see videos clips, look at their Facebook page or online at

For more information or to get tickets, call 541-292-7829 or KORV at 541-417-0149. You can also order tickets on line at their website above.

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