Century Chaps

These historic chaps will be worn this year by the 2019 Lake County Royalty and then retired to the Past Presidents museum. All of the past queens of the Round-Up are represented with a brand or their initials.

As the community gets ready to celebrate the 100th Round-Up it is good to note all the hours and participation that has gone into this monumental event.

Last fall as the Lake County Round-Up Association began their preparations for their 100th celebration it was agreed by all that they wanted it to be special and recognize those, past and present, who have kept this small town rodeo going for 10 decadzes.  

As the current Round-Up Court coordinator I knew I needed to find a way to make this year special - and the brain child of creating chaps for the court to wear representing all past queens was born.  I had seen state rodeo royalty wearing chaps lined in brands and that was my original inspiration and Sue Peile was kind enough to agree to my idea!  What I did not expect was the out pouring of support from past queens, the families of those no longer with us, and the Lake County community in general.  I knew going in roughly how much money would be required to purchase the material so decided that $50 donations would be adequate if I could get ten to twelve ladies to participate.  

Initially I started with ladies that I knew or were family.  Tracking them down at football games, Christmas parties, and even their pet’s veterinary appointments.  From there I expanded to the ladies that I knew their extended family, who never questioned me on my motives.  It was at that point it was made clear that I was going to have more then 10-12 participants and I decided I had to make a valiant effort to reach all 90 past queens.  So the saga continued! 

I knew Rhea Garrett Van Den Berg’s grandchildren (queen 1957), I reached out to them as that both of her daughters had served as queens and were each participating.  They as a whole, the grandchildren, decided to donate on her behalf.  Catherine Angland McGrath was a long time school teacher and the 1933 queen.  With some work I was able to contact her daughter-in-law in Alaska, she discussed it with her son and together decided they wanted her represented.  Using facebook and the Barry Family reunion book I was able to locate grandchildren of both Kitty Barry Baalman (1932) and Betty Barry Arment Fletcher (1948).  They were sisters who were raised in Adel, both spent many years in Lakeview and Fort Bidwell.  Both of their families knew their mothers were Round-Up Queens and had been told their stories of being on court- they were so proud and excited to have them represented with their family’s “corkscrew T” brand.  

About 48 ladies I am fortunate enough to know personally prior to this, it was a matter of reaching out to them and they responded quickly and without question.  There were another 15 living queens that I just made cold calls to, some were skeptical and rightfully so, but the grand majority simply asked where to send the check and what were the plans for Labor Day.  The next level of cold calls was to the children, nieces, nephews, and siblings of those who are no longer with us.  Many of these calls and emails were difficult as that so many were taken far too soon but their families immense generosity brought tears to my eyes as checks would arrive for sums far greater than the $50 I asked.  They will not be with us this year in body but their memories with the Round-Up run deep.  

This left roughly 7-10 ladies who I had not been able to locate family or were currently unable to participate financially.  Wanting to keep things fair I acquired their permission to seek outside sponsorship.  Over the course, I had numerous individuals approach me, from past presidents to family members.  One even received it as a Christmas gift, supposedly she is a very hard aunt to buy for.  I still contacted these ladies to inform them of the donations and determine the brand they would like as their representation.  

When I was down to the last 8 or so I took out a newspaper advertisement.  The response was something I never expected.  I was contacted via phone and letter extending from Burns to Astoria and across the state. With these contributions all ladies had donations made on their behalf with a large majority from family.  One individual for personal beliefs asked to not be included and her wishes were respected.  

Below is the list of past queens and those who donated on their behalf.  With each contact there was a story, of which I don’t have enough room to divulge them all.  What I took away is how proud these ladies were to represent our Round-Up, how they have passed their love of Lake County on to their families, and that Lake County creates some of the most generous people I have ever met! Those that had someone else donate in their name are listed, the rest paid their own.

The extra monies went to purchase a pin for each court member that attends the Round-Up this year.

2019  Alena Vickerman

2018  Jessie May Plechaty   

2017  Saige Woodworth

2016/15 Mattee Vickerman

2014 Katherine McKenzie

2013 Carley Cahill     

2012 Ashely Reese 

2011 Drew Mobley    

2010 Lydia (McGarva) KylePresident Ace Felder

2009 Rachel Mobley  

2008 Courtney (Ballard) Young   

2007 Katie (Linton) Fischer

2006 Ahnalyn (Perry) Brown   

2005 Michelle (Lane) Jacobs

2004 Kirby Flynn  

2003 Cassie (Marshall) Adamson

2002 Jymme Lee (Martin) Dominquiez   

2001Corri (Rekow) Piper

2000 Sarah (Barnhart) Ackerman

1999 Jayna (Counts) Ferrell

1998 Jodie (Grogan) Stoneberg

1997 Becky DeForest

1996 Missy (Boozenny) Hammack

1995 Sarah DeForest

1994 Andrea (Lane) Otley

1993 Jill (Tracy) Machado

1992 Josey (Lindquist) Key

1991 Bekki (Dill) Ingraham

1990 Stacy Albertson

1989 Jody (Maxwell) Graham

1988 Christy Kruse

1987 Lana Breshears

1986 Sherri (Mobley) Fouts

1984 Kristy (Warner) Reese

1983 Anne (Barry) Lever

1982 Tammie (Hickey) Reid

1981 Karmen (Emery) O’Leary

1980 Danelle (Cry) Markham

1979 Sue (Cleland) Peile      1978  Jackie (Flynn) Mathis   

1977 Pam (Van Den Berg) Cody

1976 Rebecca (Messner) Womack

1975 Vickie (Van Den Berg) Childress

1974  Debbie Nonella*- brother Tom Nonella

1973  Marie Kiely* brothers (Kiely Brothers Ranch)

1972 Vicki (Gage) Feigner

1971 Hallie (O’Conner) Woods

1970 Roberta (Tracy) Dulany

1969 Betsy (Poore) Monchamp

1968 Linda (Kittredge) Guiliano

1967 Linda (Nelson) Bleha

1966 Ariel (Brattain) Baldwin* - son Jeremy Baldwin

1965 Barbara (Garrett) Albertson

1964 Joyce (Fenimore) Mobley

1963 Susan (Hotchkiss) McNeley

1962 Judy (Elder) Carter1961Susan (Brattain) Taylor1960 Sherrain (Arzner) Glenn1959 Glenda Branch*- sister Sandra Stehn

1958 Melva Jean (Anderson) Wilkie

1957 Rhea (Garrett) Van Den Berg*- Grandchildren

1956 Margaret (Schadler)- niece Mary Woodworth

1955 Jean (Vinyard) Rogers*- son Joseph Rogers

1954 Beverly (Vincent) Weidner - Joyce Taylor and Denae & Robin Vincent

1953 Leeta (Perry) Hayes*- brother Norman Perry

1952 Anna May (Fischer) Clark- Desert Rose Funeral Chapel 

1951 Florence (Morris) Albertson

1950 Joyce (Ortwein) Moore- great niece Cory Price

1949 Ann (Barry) Shipstead1948Betty (Barry) Arment Fletcher*- son Jay Arment

1947 Juanita (Olson) Murphy- Desert Rose Funeral Chapel

1946 Sue (Reed) Struck*- son Chris Struck

1945 Eva Marie (Meeker) Lindsey*- daughter Vergie Padget 

1944/27 Ethel (Robnett) Thompson* -great grand-nephew in-law Norman Perry

1943 Zell (Riggs) Schmidt*- son Ron Schmidt

1942 Jean (Ogle) Davis*- brother Jim Ogle

1941 Delpha (Conway) Plato* - daughter Kathie Duggan

1940 Lucille (Harvey) Fanning- nephew Billy Gerber

1939 Beatrice (Menkenmaier) Schroder*- niece Georgia Marshall

1938 Anna (O’Leary) Duval* - daughter Ceci Farmen

1937 Dorothy (Reid) McDonald*- daughter Winsom McDonald

1936 Virginia (Utley) Maxwell*- nephews Randy, Larry, Terry, & Scott Utley

1935 Imogene (Sherrard) Batman* - Sharon Harvey

1934 Jennie (Barrington) Dart*- Desert Rose Funeral Chapel and Bev Hills

1933 Catherine (Angland) McGrath*- daughter-in-law Gloria Hensen

1932 Kitty (Barry) Baalman*- son Nicholas Baalman

1928 Lucy “Cheer” (Paxton) Osborne* - nieces Renee MacLeod & Edith Paxton, and Betty Morris

1926 Vera (Morris) Walters*- cousin Betty Morris and Flory Albertson

1925 Ruby (Gibson) Overstreet* - Marie Tucker

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