Salt Licks winner

Cade Muller displays his second place award in the Salt Lick competition with his entry “Moon Block.” Donna Palmer, chairman of the Craft department and Cade’s Aunt Janette Evans Hug look on. Evans purchased the award winning block in the silent auction at top price.

The 100th annual Lake County Round-Up and Fair created a lot of new memories for many. In the coming months the fair will also provide a boost to local senior citizens. A silent auction of donated salt lick art entered in the Fair’s Craft Department raised $350, which will be donated to the Assisted Living Residents Activity Fund. This will used to provide craft, music, and other types of activities for seniors.

The brainchild of Donna Palmer, the Fair’s Craft Department Chairman, the salt lick art competition was a new category last year. When asked how she came up with the idea of salt lick art, she replied, “Just growing up on ranches, they (salt blocks licked by livestock) looked so cool! I figured this would be something that the whole family could do.” So she added it as a category in her department. The rules are pretty simple. Put either a 41- or 50-pound salt or mineral block out in a field or pasture and let the critters lick it. When it has arrived at its artistic peak, remove it, save it until fair time and then enter it in the Craft Department. You also need to give it an appropriate title, as the judge will make his decision for first, second, and third place based on the block art and its title. 

This year, Five Corners Feed in Lakeview donated $15 for the first place winner,  Palmer donated $10 for second place and $5 for third. This year’s entries were “Down to the Last Lick,” “Moon Block,” “McLick,” “One Ear,” and “Fly Geyser.” One of the entries was by a six-year-old, Cade Muller, who checked his block almost daily until he decided it looked just like a moon block, which earned him a second place ribbon. 

A success the first year, Palmer decided to take it up another notch for this year’s 100th  annual celebration. The exhibitors kindly donated their blocks to a Silent Auction held at noon on Saturday, Aug. 31 at the Fairground’s Sale Barn. Fly Geyser garnered the most moo-la in the auction purchased by Thom Batty who is proudly displaying it in his Tall Town Bike shop at 25 N. E St. in Lakeview. Be sure to drop in and admire this addition to his art collection and thank him for his support.

It is never too early to put out a block to enter in the 2020 Fair. Just remember, never remove a block from someone else’s property without permission since it’s an integral part of their livestock’s’ health. 

Salt Lick Art is a fun way for the whole family to get involved. Get a block; ready; set; go!

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