FFA leadership camp attendees

Lakeview’s FFA Officers recently went to the Southern Oregon District Leadership Camp at Camp Cottonwood on Thursday, June 27 and Friday June 28. To start off the camp, the members all participated in the raising of the Flag Of The United States and opening ceremonies by the District Officers. We then continued to go into group sessions, being separated by the office position we hold. Throughout these sessions, we learned what our office holds, and how to improve our chapter. In the afternoon we held a canoe race which the Lakeview and Bonanza FFA teams proudly won. The teams were then told to prepare for the play contest with each play encouraging a certain part of what a leader should be. We then ended the night with a dutch oven contest where the Lakeview FFA cooked s’mores cake.  The next day, the officers put on official dress and practiced for the rituals competition which would be held later that day. At the end of the day, we had closing ceremonies performed by the State Officer team, and headed home with FFA on our mind. On Wednesday and Thursday July 10 and 11, the Lakeview officer team had a retreat at Lower Cottonwood. We started out the day with kayaking and swimming in the lake. We then went over what being an officer entails. S’mores around the fire created bonding time for all. The morning after we went over the Program Of Activities, what we are planning for next year, personal goals and finally the budget for the year.  The 2019- 2020 officer team can’t wait to serve the community and our chapter! Annette Harlan Lakeview FFA Chapter Historian

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