Anders Erickson receives an award

As another successful school year came to an end, Lakeview High School and Daly Middle School students gathered in the LHS gym for end of year awards on Monday, June 3. 

Prin. Lane Stratton handed out awards including the Penn Wilbur award, handed out to the outstanding all around student. The award is named after Dr. Wilbur who served for many years on the school board and is the highest award given out at the middle school level. This year’s recipient was Rebekah Patzke. Four middle school students; Tyler McNeley, Karlee Vickerman, Audrey Rucker and Bridget Shullanberger all maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout their middle school careers.

Stratton then turned the microphone over to the middle and high school staff for their individual awards. 


Ms. Cobian 

Student Council Participation — Annikah Tacchini, Karlee Vickerman, Bridget Shullanberger, Laura Goeres, Kylie Orlando, Bria Erickson, Brandon Markus and Max Gallagher. 

Seventh grade English Ace — Bria Erickson, Benny Alves, Kylie Orlando and Hayden Garton. 

Grammar Guru — Laura Goeres

Most improved seventh grade student — Eric Harmon

Most improved ninth grade student — Rylan Vale 

Ninth grade English Ace — Emily Philbert, Sophie Steward, Collin Markus, Chloe Harmon. 


Ms. Collins

English 11 academic excellence — Sarah Theall, Dally Evans 

Most Diligent — Gabi Cobian and Aaron Smith 

Hermione Granger Award (Love of Books) —Rayanna Blair and Harley Dick 

Aspiring Reader (Future Book Club Member) — Toby Blevins and Keegan Decker 

Most improved — Tucker Clarke and Connor Steward


English 10 academic excellence — Zach Reese and Kaley Schneider 

Most Diligent — Allison Hussey and Jeanna Woolen

Hermione Granger Award (Love of Books) — Shelby Davidson and Alex Turner

Aspiring Reader (Future Book Club Member) — Sam Hopper and Shealy Grass

Most improved — Austin Jinapuck


Mrs. Bauer 

Outstanding Horticulture Student — Rylan Knight 

Outstanding Floral Design Student — Sadie Crumley 

Excellence in Geography — Bria Erickson and Laura Goeres 

Excellence in Geography — Eli Rucker and Hayden Garton 

Mount Everest Award (Perseverance) — Tahlia Campuzano 

Mount Everest Award (Perseverance — Alondra Garcia 

Ellen Churchill Semple Award — Kallie Roman 

National Geography Bee — Dax Lofgreen 


Mr. Louie 

MVP Award for Pre-Cal— Brayden Cobian and Gabi Cobian-Peralta 

MVP award for Pre-Algebra — Nikita Mashburn 

MVP Award for Pre-Calculus: Brayden Cobian, Gabi Cobian-Peralta

MVP Award for Pre-Algebra: Nikita Mashburn

Success and Readiness in AVID 8: Jay Marsh, Mareisa Crowl

Physicist of the Year: Alyson Yates


Miss. Smith

7th Grade Math Einstein Award: Bria Erickson, Laura Goeres

8th Grade Math Einstein Award: Audrey Rucker, Trevor Owens


Mr. Smith

Technical Wood A 1st Semester:  Eagle Huitt, Kaydyn Kintzley, Wyatt Julian

Technical Wood B 1st Semester:  Benny Alves, Laura Goeres, Denver Johnson, Kylie Orlando, Aiden Mecum, Preston Parmalee, Audrey Rucker, Elisha Rucker, 

Annikah Tacchini, Kaiden Warda

Technical Wood A 2nd Semester:  Max Gallagher, Bridget Shullanberger, Natalia Lamas, Francesca Zendejas, 

       Corbin Start, Brandon Markus.  

Technical Wood B 2nd Semester: Wyatt Julian


High School Awards:

CAD: Cody Dillavou, Zach Ketchum, Reed Christiansen

Welding:Trevor Schultz, Avery Strubel

Woods: Wyatt Patzke, CJ Hite

Fundamental Woods:  Onore Misner, Anna Moss, Ezekiel Rucker, Jimmy Kosbiel, Aden Nielsen, 

       Carlos Dominguez

Construction:  CJ Hite, Toby Blevins, Zach Ketchum

Computer Applications:  David Sipp

Microsoft Word:  Tevor Schultz, Sierra Soder, Cael Stratton

Small Engines:  Cody Dillavou, Wyatt Patzke


Miss. Cobian

Alondra Garcia - Most Commitment 

Gilbert Suarez - Most Improved 

Alexander Zendejas - Hard Worker 

Cielo Gonzalas - Most Helpful


Mr. Counts

Outstanding Biologists/ Top Biology Students:

Samantha Hopper, Onore Misner, Jackson Wertz, Stephen Giblin, Susanna Gray


Outstanding Scientific Minds:

Hector Dominguez, Logan Price, Alex Turner, Cielo Gonzalez, Dayton Alves, Anders Erickson, Dylan Newbill


Most Improved Biology Student:

David Sipp


Biology Students of the Year:

Zach Reese, Kaley Schneider, Allison Hussey


Mr. Nicholl and Miss. Robinson

DMS:  PE Student of the Year:

7th: Eli Rucker

Quincey Ludwig

8th: Tyler McNeley and Audrey Rucker

Brayson Granger


LHS:  PE Student of The Year:

Esteban Orozco


New School Pacer Test Record:

Austin Philibert

161 Laps


Strength and Conditioning Awards:

Student of The Year:

Anders Erickson


Weight Room Lifting Records:

Jordan Young

<125 Weight Class

175lbs  Bench Press

<125 Weight Class

148 lbs  Power Clean


Strength and Conditioning:

Most Improved:

Zach Bureau


Miss. Castro

Most Improved Writer- Tahlia Campuzano


Miss. Farr

Con Frank - Recycling King 

Dylan McLane - Responsible 

Amanda Guetzlaff- best Sign Language 

Haily Medias- Hardest Worker

Teagan Bowser- Academic Achiever 

David Sipp - Most Improved 


Mr. Stupak

Honker History Students of the Year:

Karly Thomas, Alyson Yates, Rayanna Blair , Gabi Cobian-Peralta, Dally Evans, Hannah Suba, Zoe Suba

Sarah Theall


Top Historical Writer of the Year:

Alyson Yates


Mock Trial Lawyer of the Year:

Julia Ketcham


Most Improved Students:

Austin Philibert, Sydni Murphy


Wauhnemah Bier:

Super kitchen Helper- Hailey Mendias


Miss. Peek:

7th Grade Most Improved: Levi Coffey and Emma Howard

7th Grade Citizenship: Alex Zendejas , Daniel Murua, Kallie Roman and Ashley Strubel

7th Grade- Solid as a Rock: Quincy Ludwig and Eli Rucker 


7th Grade Outstanding Science Awards: Max Gallagher and Bria Erickson

7th Grade Dedication to Science Growth Award: Jesus Ledzema, Alondra Garcia


Algebra 1 Outstanding Award: Chloe Harmon and Collin Markus

Algebra 1 Most Improved: Bianca Quintana, Aden Nelson, Patricio Olias


Mrs. Shullanberger:

Exceptional Effort in English 8: Audrey Rucker

Verbosinator: Wyatt julian, Bridget Shullanberger, Annikah Tacchini

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