Lakeview students at Music in May

Lakeview High School’s Music in May participants were front row: Desi Peterson-Brown (choir), l-r, Susanna Gray (choir), Anna Felder (choir), Maizie Langum (band) and Cheyanne Miller (choir). Back row: Ashley Howard (choir), l-r, Kaley Schneider (choir), Zeke Rucker (band), Lance McMahon (choir), Austin Jinapuk (orchestra), Hope Brain (choir) and Sarah Bowersox (choir).

Just before the school year ended, several Lakeview High School band, choir and orchestra students had an opportunity to attend the annual Music in May festival in Forest Grove, at Pacific University. The three day festival took place May 23-25. 

The Music in May Festival is one of the longest running music festivals in the United States and students had the opportunity to learn under some of the best and brightest directors in their respective profession. While the students had a little down time, most of their time was spent in the classroom, working with the directors in preparation for the concert at the end of the third day.

Twelve students from Lakeview High School; Lance McMahan, Kaley Schneider, Hope Brain, Susanna Gray, Sarah Bowersox , Ashley Howard, Cheyenne Miller, Anna Moss, Desiree Petersen-Brown, Austin Jinapuck, Zeke Rucker and Maizie Langum all went and had the opportunity to learn under Troy University Band Dir. Dr. Mark Walker, Director of Choral Music Studies Dr. Gary Kent Walth, while orchestra students learned under the direction of Dr. James Mick, the associate professor of Music Education at Ithaca College. Once the students found out they were going to be attending, they only had a short time to learn their pieces. Band students played songs such as “1st Suite in E flat” , “Lord Tullamore” and more. Orchestra students played pieces such as “Finlandia” “An American Suite” and more. Choir students sang songs such as “I am not yours” and much more. All groups played their rehearsed songs at the concert, while also playing “America The Beautiful.” 

The concert was played in front of family, friends and music directors. 

The students all had to apply to go on the trip, while Band/Choir Dir. Jenna Kohut had to rate the students, based on things like ability, attitude etc. Out of the 12 students, which is the most that Lakeview sent in recent years, nine were from choir, three from band and one from orchestra. 

“The program tends to target and get as many as they can from small schools,” Kohut said. “The students had the opportunity to be exposed to a bigger scale and having the opportunity to play more college level type of music and working with the different directors to gain a different perspective.” 

This was Kohut’s first opportunity to attend the prestigus festival. She had the opportunity to go through the different classes and take notes on things that she could bring back to Lakeview and help the students for the future. 

“The students also had the opportunity to work with other students, not only from Oregon but from Idaho and Washington too,” she said. “I really think the students had a lot of fun and learned a lot that will stick with them for years to come.”

For more information, contact Lakeview High School at 541-947-2287.

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