Paisley track reflects on successful season

Paisley Coach Mark Douglas gives Camden Froehlich his certificate and speaks a few words about his season during the track banquet. 

Coming off a district champion and a state meet in which several athletes medaled, the Paisley track team gathered in the Paisley cafeteria on Wednesday, May 29 for their end-of-year banquet. 

Head Coach Mark Douglas gave a brief recap of what he referred to as the “championship season” for the Bronco squad. 

Douglas spoke about what it meant to be a champion and how this Paisley track team is, “not just a champion for a year, they’re champions forever.” 

The 27 students on this year’s team were the most that the school has had come out for track in several years and represented most of the high school. 

While the season ended as a success, Douglas spoke about hardships that each of the students overcame. 

“About a month into the season, I came into practice one day and I was frustrated about the effort, students being late for practice and missing practices and the effort just wasn’t there,” Douglas said. “I didn’t know what to say to the students, but we had a heart-to-heart about what it meant to be champions and how much talent this group had that was being wasted.” 

After that speech, Douglas noted a sense of urgency from the group and their whole attitude changed. That’s what he signified as a turning point of the season.

Each of the athletes were called up to the front of the room, where Douglas spoke a few words about them, talking about their accomplishments and what they contributed to the team this season. He noted several “battles” that are going to be fun to watch including a battle between Eli Jones and Camden Froehlich for pole vaulting. Douglas said that both Jones and Froehlich were “up and coming pole vaulters.”

At the end, he called each of the state qualifiers up and talked about them and all the awards they racked up at state, helping the Broncos finish as high as they did. 

Daley Jones was an alternate in the 4x100 relay, Shakir Mukhametzyanov was close in medaling in his events. Riata Norris was an honorable mention selection in the all state relay. Abby Sanders was another honorable mention selection for the 4x100 relay team and was one foot off the school record in the javelin. Aiden Jones was a second team all state selection in the shot put and an honorable mention in the discus. Mia Milasinovic was an honorable mention selection in both the 4x100 relay and the triple jump, while taking home a third team all state in the high jump. She also set the school record in the high jump and was a second team all state selection in the hurdles. 

Team awards were the final awards given out on the evening. Kate Choi and Eli Jones were voted most improved, most inspirational was Mukhametzyanov for the boys and Edna Matzumoto for the girls. The MVPs for this year were Aiden Jones for the boys and Milasinovic for the girls. 

For more information, contact Paisley School at 541-943-3111.

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