SnoFest features day full of snow-filled fun

Krista Harrington, Melissa Maxwell, Kara Wolf and Kristen Hill get ready for the dinner benefiting the Warner Canyon Ski Patrol during SnoFest on Saturday, Feb. 22.

With this years theme being Hawaiian, people donned their best tropical gear and hit the slopes at Warner Canyon Ski Area for the annual SnoFest on Saturday, Feb. 22 - sponsored by Relief Chiropractic .

The event has been a mainstay for Warner Canyon, both as a fundraiser and a celebratory mark of the end of ski season at Lake County’s lone commercial downhill ski facility. The facility will remain open as long as snow levels permit.

SnoFest began with ski races, featuring different age categories, as well as hula skirt racing. The races were split among age categories from five and under to 19-29, and Open for all racers; including family racing as well.

Among the family racing competition the Lindsey family took first place overall with Gabe, Mike, Chris, Karla, Dusty, Nolan, Chandler, Gunnar and Brittany all competing. Coming in second place was the Shullanberger family with Barry, Annette, Ashlynn and Dannica. Third place was the Collins family with Heidi and Luke competing.

The Hula Skirt race featured teams of three people per team. In the adult category the Lindsey family dominated once again. In the kids category, a team comprised of Koll Tacchini, Ashlynn Shullanberger and Makina Start won.

Among individual races, Tripp Counts won in the boys age five and under category, while Lanie Havel won in the girls five and under, beating out Madelyn Wolf and Brynn O’Conner.

Among the 6-8 year olds on the boys side, J.J. O’Conner edged out Cade Muller and Anrey Lov. In the 6-8 girls category, Halle Havel defeated Tatum Sutfin.

In the 9-12 category on the boys side Riley Harrington just defeated Braeden O’Conner and Ryder Webster . For the 9-12 girls Ashlynn Shullanberger was able to overcome Bailey Harrington and Lauren Hill.

In the 13-18 age range Ty Whitman took the top spot in the boys category, beating Clyde Mobley and Corbin Start. Annette Harlan won on the girls side.

Nolan Lindsey won in the 19-29 boys over Luke Collins. Gabe Lindsey won in the open men’s competition and Jayna Ferrell just defeated Stacey Havel in the open women’s racing.

After racing it was time to prepare for the annual dinner and auction at the lodge, with proceeds going towards the Warner Canyon Ski Patrol. Dinner featured ski gear, equipment and K2 skis, won by Dan Michaelson.

After dinner was the annual torchlight parade down the hill, as people went up the hill at night and lit torches to ski down the hill.

Fremont Highlanders Ski Club President Barry Shullanberger highlighted past year’s success at the Warner Canyon Ski Area, such as dedicating the lodge to Barb Stephens – a long-time board member. Night skiing was offered for the first time in over 50-years, with help from Pardue Construction and Peterson Cat. Over 20 kids attended ski school, led by Ken and Audrae Odegaard. Dave Knowles and Rob Sharpe were recognized for their efforts in keeping the hill groomed. Attention was given to the new wood benches and fire pots on the deck of the lodge, made by Abel Harrington and Scott Havel. Also recognized were board members Eric Wolf, Melissa Maxwell, Carly Remstedt, Dani Owens, Chris Bishop, Matt Harlan, Jim Copeland, and Paul Whitman.

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