Students plant flowers to beautify downtown

LHS students planted petunias in planters on E and F streets downtown Lakeview; Miles Maxwell, l – r, Tate Haskins, Max Gallagher, Rale Harmon, Rianne Vickerman, Denver Johnson, Lilly Childress, Redden Lym, Sadie Crumley, Sarah Theall, Alyson Yates, and Karly Thomas.

For the past four years horticulture program teacher at Lakeview High School (LHS) and Bloomers Country Home Nursery co-owner, DeNae Simms Bauer has been organizing the planting of petunias in downtown Lakeview as part of a beautification project.

During the school year the students who participate in the horticulture program at LHS work on growing the plants, either from seeds. When the plants are mature they met to then move outside to the in planters. To help protect the plants from deer, have wire mesh screens around them.

Bauer chose red, white and blue petunias in a patriotic theme, for this year. It is part of the community projects that students at the high school do to give back to the community.

Students worked in teams of two-to-three and it took around two hours to complete.

According to Bauer, the students who participated had a good time, as in years past. She said that this year was fairly special as it was a way for students to get out of their homes.

For more information call Bauer at 541-947-5581.

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