Therapeutic alternative changes lives

April and Dustin Kaiser have made it so their professional careers in the horsing community and their business Buckaroo Buddha can operate hand in hand.

It may sound unconventional at first, but Buckaroo Buddha is changing the lives of individuals. 

The business only recently kicked off in Lakeview thanks to encouragement from locals reaching out to owners April and Dustin Kaiser after hearing they were certified in various methods of holistic healing during the last year. 

The couple moved to Lakeview two years ago and began working on friends in need with chronic pain. Aside from the most popular Bowen Therapy, Buckaroo Buddha has other methods of energy work. Reiki, Aroma Therapy, ear candling, supplemental nutrition, foot detoxification and sound healing using tuning forks and their vibrations are just some of the pieces to the business. 

Bowen Therapy is a physical touch technique that uses a light touch or a gentle, precise and various moves over tendons, muscles and nerve bundles. The moves reset the body’s various systems for the purpose of bringing the body to balance, promoting healing. Mostly used for chronic pain, Bowen can be used for dozens of mind, body and spirit healing responses. 

The therapy usually happens once a month, but individuals can schedule more appointments early in the process to get their body use to the techniques. Currently, Buckaroo Buddha is seeing 15 or so clients on a regular basis. 

April and Dustin have been involved in the ranching and horse training community for years, but after an accident in 2010 where April had broke her neck and needed surgical reconstruction, she found Bowen Therapy.

This event happened before the two had met and April’s lack of mobility and pain decreased rapidly while using Bowen. 

Wanting to move from California, but not wanting to leave the Bowen therapist April was going to, Dustin and her took classes at an institution that teaches the methods at various levels so they could work on each other. 

“At the time we took what we needed so would could move wherever we wanted,” said April. 

Once more individuals reached out and word traveled around, Dustin and April advanced their education and renewed their certifications. By Summer 2019, the couple hopes to have seven or eight alternatives to mix or choose from. 

All of the profits from the business have been put back into it, but it’s more than just helping chronic injuries. The immune system, different organs and other health improvements can be addressed using the therapy. 

Buckaroo Buddha comes from Dustin’s nickname given to him by a former boss in California of “Buddha” due to his happy-go-lucky attitude and round frame. To keep close to their roots, Buckaroo was added to the beginning and the business was born. 

“There’s a moment in time where you realize this is what I’m meant to be doing,” said April. “Helping people and seeing results.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment today, contact 209-256-3895 or find the business on Facebook at Buckaroo Buddha. 

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