Third graders work published, earn achievement

A.D. Hay third grade teacher Deborah Watts is excited that her students were published in a new anthology, plus Bernie Buss was named as one of the top ten poets.

Third graders from A.D. Hay Elementary school in Lakeview have had their poems published in a new anthology featuring poems of K-6 graders from around 20 states.

This is the first time that all third graders who submitted poems got selected for the Fall 2019 anthology which was just released, three others are also going to be in the Spring 2020 edition.

A.D. Hay third grade teacher Deborah Watts submits work of her students into the poetry contest run by Creative Communication, which also publishes the anthology. Generally in the past only around eight students have been chosen on average. This is the first time that the entire class of poems was accepted.

Another honor was that Fremont/A.D. Hay was named to the Poetic Honor Roll, the first time ever in the history of submitting entries which has occurred on a fairly regular basis for close to 20 years; it recognizes those schools that have had over 50% of their entries accepted for publication. The school receives a certificate and a free book.

Watts was excited when she received the news recently, and even more thrilled when one of her students was named one of the top ten poets in the collection for grades K-6, Bernie Buss for his poem “Winter Wonderland”. Buss won $25 and a free book. His poem was from an assignment describing his favorite season

This is part of the larger poetry unit that Watts teaches in her class each year. Teaching her students rhyme structure, style, and different poetic forms ranging from haiku to Acrostics. She often assigns a style for her students to work on, or a particular theme such as autobiographical. Some of the spring poems that were printed include talk of seasons, or feature poems about themselves, or their love of the country side. Other poems are acrostics which spell out a word like “FALL” using the each letter to start their line.

Watts is thrilled that her students were recognized and had their work printed in a book; and recognized as one of the top schools this year. Only four schools in Oregon were recognized as top poetic schools at the elementary level.

Creative Communications runs essay and poetry contests for grades K-12. People can order a copy at, books are $24.95 each.

Winter Wonderland


Bernie Buss

Christmas, snow, hot chocolate,

I love the season of winter.

First of all, I like Christmas.

I get to spend time with my family.

I also like to give and get presents.

I like when it snows

because I like to watch the snowfall.

I also like to build snow forts

and have snowball fights.

After I play outside in the snow,

I like to go inside

for a cup of hot chocolate.

It makes me feel happy and

warm inside.

These are the reasons

why winter is my favorite season.

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