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Approximately 50 current and former Union students helped celebrate Union Elementary turning 100 on Saturday, July 6. 

Union Elementary has turned 100 years old. 

Current students and alumni turned out to Union Elementary School on Westside on Saturday, July 6 to celebrate Union School’s century mark. 

Nearly 50 people attended the festivities. 

Lake Co. School District #7 Supt. Will Cahill, showed his appreciation to everyone who came out and gave special recognition to the committee and maintenance crews including coordinators Bill and Carla Albertson for gathering and setting everything up. 

“I know the feeling of what it means to be a small school and the feeling of accomplishing something this great,” Cahill said. “It’s nice for me, having been the principal here for 12 years to see familiar faces and visit with everyone.” 

Carla deferred credit to teacher Deb Watts who got all of the tables set up with pictures and other various memorabilia over the years.  

The Albertsons gave a brief history of Union School and how it has progressed over the years. 

The school opened in 1919, at a time when Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States. World War I had just ended with the Treaty of Versailles and passage of the 18th amendment had just occurred. 

“While all this was happening in the United States, Charlie Abramson was building our little school out on the Westside and it was going to be Lake County School District No. 5,” explained Carla. “He got about half way done and ran out of material and funding, so standing outside is that half done project.”

The building served many purposes in the early days, as election booths were held and set up, assemblies, funerals and many different community events and celebrations. 

According to Carla, when the school first opened, it was strictly a high school and featured a horse barn, as many of the students rode their horses to school. Union consolidated many different schools in the 1920s, until the 1930s when the high school moved into the town of Lakeview and the primary building was built in the 1950s. Union became apart of Lake County School District No. 7 in 1997. The seventh and eighth grade students moved to the Town of Lakeview in 2003 and Union became a K-6 school shortly thereafter. 

The gym at Union School has served many purposes, serving as a freezer dome, a slab of wood with a rock field in the back, before turning into what it is today. 

The Westside Parents Club formed in the 1970s with the first ever Union School Carnival. 

The afternoon concluded with a dinner cooked by Happy Horse Deli and the opportunity for people to enjoy the last 100 years of existence. 

For more information, contact the Lake County School District Office at 541-947-3371.

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