Tom Sneider

Tom Sneider gives an overview of food service operations to a lunch-time audience at the Lake County Senior Center on Tuesday, July 23.

As a way to give back to the community, Warner Creek Correctional Facility held their second annual Senior Appreciation Brunch at the Lake County Senior Center on Tuesday, July 23. 

Food Services Mgr. Thomas Schneider coordinated with Andrea Wishart at the Lake County Senior Center to provide a delicious meal to 12 local seniors. 

Mark Nooth, the Eastside administrator for the Department of Corrections welcomed the guests and thanked them for their service to the Lake County community. 

Lisa M Hall, Warner Creek Correctional Facility’s Human Resource manager was also in attendance and enjoyed the hospitality that Warner Creek had to offer. Schneider’s goal is to build strong partnerships with community stakeholders and provide a World Class meal to our Lake County Community. 

Schneider took the time during the Prison Advisory Committee meeting Monday, July 22, held at Warner Creek Correctional Facility to extend the invite to its members in the hope to enhance our commitment to excellence in serving the Lake County Community.  

The event went great according to organizers and Schneider, Nooth and Lt. Johnston provided a tour afterward to seven Seniors that were interested. These interactions between Institution staff, the Adults in Custody(AIC) and outside stakeholders provide a unique opportunity for prosocial interactions that promote positive behaviors with this honored group.

For more information, contact WCCF at 541-947-8200

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