Historical Society book presentation

The book, “100 Years of the Lake County Round-Up, Eight Seconds of Heaven and Hell” is now on sale. 

The Historical Society hosted a book launch party on Friday, Aug. 2 at the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. 

Historical Society Pres. Ray Simms showed his appreciation for everyone who came out to celebrate the publishing of the book. 

“I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but this is the kick off for the 100th year of the Round-Up,” Simms said. “It wasn’t our intention for this to be that way, but we’re proud to have the opportunity to kick off the celebration with the unveiling of our new book.” 

The book has been in development for over a year and the “eight seconds of heaven and hell” refers to the exhilaration of bursting out of the schute and the feel of success, accomplishment or that feel of defeat if they didn’t quite make it.

“The Lake County Round-Up Association has been working very hard over the last 100 + years to ensure that this event is still going strong,” Simms said. 

Several copies of the book were given to many various organizations, including the Round-Up, Larry and Sheila Holloway for their work on enhancing photos, the Collins McDonald fund for helping fund the book, the Rodeo Court Princess Becca Warner and Queen Alena Vickerman for their work promoting Lake County around the state, Lisa Shullanberger for helping provide inspiration for the book, Ben Adair for extracting photos, CeCe Montgomery for helping author Marie Lee gather research, the Lake County Past Presidents Museum, the Lake County Cultural Coalition and so much more. 

The 176 page book was a collaborative effort between the Lake County Historical Society and the Lake County Past Presidents. 

The book received financial assistance from the Collins McDonald fund and the Lake County Cultural Coalition. 

The book is on sale for $50 and will also be available for purchase during Round-Up weekend and can be purchased from the Lake County Chamber of Commerce or any Historical Society member.

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