Newest OSP trooper is a familiar face


Lakeview’s newest Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper – Derrick Dunn – will be a familiar face to many in the community.

Dunn grew up in Lakeview and graduated from Lakeview High School (LHS) in 2017. He then attended Oregon State University (OSU); he left before graduating when the chance came to apply for his dream job as an OSP trooper.

“I really liked their values and their values really matched mine. You are a role model in the community,” said Dunn.

He became interested in pursuing a career in the OSP, and law enforcement, while he was still in high school. When Dunn was in high school then OSP Senior Trooper Cliff Hargis showed him what the job was like. Dunn also participated in ride along with OSP Sgt. Scott Hill. Both Hargis and Hill showed him the ropes, and let him experience what the job was like. It further instilled in Dunn that he wanted to work for the OSP one day in the future.

Dunn knew that the path forward for him after high school was in law enforcement, and he wanted to be an OSP trooper. Though his preference was for the OSP, he said he was willing to join a police department after college, even if it wasn’t the OSP. He was a cadet with the Corvallis Police Department while he attended OSU — which is a volunteer program to introduce young adults to law enforcement careers.

After applying for the OSP job Dunn attended and graduated from the Department of Public Safety Standards Training (DPSST) program, which all new law enforcement personnel must graduate from. Dunn graduated from the program approximately three weeks ago and has been spending his time on the road with his training officer OSP Senior Trooper Matt Journey. He said that Journey helps him make the right decisions, and learn the right way to do things, as he patrols the area covered by the Lakeview OSP Office. The area the Lakeview OSP Office covers extends to Painted Rock Pass on Hwy 31, north on Hwy 395 to the county line, south to the Oregon/California border, east to the Oregon/Nevada border, and west to the county line.

“I have been to every border that touches the County, and I have seen the entire area that the OSP covers,” said Dunn. “I am soaking everything in and doing a little bit of everything the OSP does before I find my niche.”

Dunn is excited to be back in the Lakeview area, and said that the community has welcomed him back. He loves the Lakeview OSP Office, which is commanded by Hill, and said it is a very proactive office.

As Dunn continues to grow into his role with the OSP, his next step is to attend the OSP Academy which he is scheduled to do in January 2021; though COVID could disrupt those plans. Until then he continues to be an active presence on the roadways. Whether that is responding to motor vehicle accidents, searching for illegal drugs, or helping out the Sheriff’s deputies on a call. Dunn is excited to be with the OSP.

In his spare time Dunn loves to hunt, fish, and build items from wood. He said he would like to coach girls basketball at some point in the future.

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