Adams gives Lake CAC progress update

To a room full of members on the Lake Community Advisory Council, John Adams from Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance gave a yearly update of the programs that went forward throughout the region.

In a yearly update to the Lake Community Advisory Council, John Adams, Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance (EOHLA) director, gave a rundown about what has been successful in the past year. 

A brief overview of the organization, which formed August 2014 by the EOCCO advisory council for reasons of helping CAC’s with grant funding for its incentive strategies. 

“Part of the purpose of the non-profit is to support the community advisory councils by raising funding and providing funding for these shared regional issues,” said Adams. 

In the Healthy, Happy Smiles program, a school-based oral program operated in four counties, including Harney, Malheur, Grant and Baker. In the middle of the school year, the program has provided 1,577 free dental screenings, 1,434 fluoride applications, 366 dental sealants and 1,690 oral hygiene education with a dental learning lab. 

“We’ve already seen drastic improvement over last year’s numbers,” said Adams, running through the percentage of EOHLA’s goal. 

Lake County also has a similar program running that these services available. Members asked how these counties were able to get these high numbers, Alanna Chamulak, EOHLA program coordinator, said that consent forms were a major factor. Forms were filled out on registration day with a staff member going through the paperwork with them. There were also incentives for going through the services for students and teachers. It also came down to having a good relationship with the county education service districts. 

In regards to mental health first aid, trainings have been given to teachers and law enforcement with 13 sessions in all. 

“We also want to expand them to include public and social service employees,” said Adams. 

In Lake County, a training was organized at North Lake School District, which saw 25 teachers and staff with law enforcement trainings in Lakeview planned after the New Year. Trainings are also being planned for Lake County School District #7. 

Funding was received for colon cancer screenings, which hit several counties with focus groups to identify the best practices and get the most screenings. 

Another new program was the integrated nurse home visiting, which looks to combine mental and behavioral health services with public home visiting programs, explained Adams. It is a new service model, so a learning collaborative was formed to support it. The program will go throughout Grant, Harney, Baker and Malheur counties with plans to expand if successful. 

In a previous meeting, County Commissioner Ken Kestner brought an idea to the regional CAC to form a centralized communications effort around regional health issues. “We wanted be able to engage the communities on the best ways to outreach and provide communications and provide media activities to change specific health behaviors,” said Adams. This would mean the use of surveys and focus groups to develop these sort of outreach efforts. 

For more information, contact Adams at 541-219-0907 or at 

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