1-08 Cardio rehab

Equipment to be used in the new Cardio Rehab program at the Lake District Hospital.

Lake Health District keep expanding offered programs to local residents so people do not have to travel long distances for medical care, now further providing specialty care with a new cardiac rehab program.

The new cardiac rehabilitation program is being overseen by Courtney Dorey, exercise physiologist and health educator, and Lexi Thomas, registered nurse.

Prior to launch of the new program, people had to travel to Bend or Medford for cardiac rehab. The program will be available to residents of Lake and Modoc Counties for the opportunity to recover from heart issues such as heart attacks, stent surgery, or open-heart surgery. Overall the goal of the program is to educate people about how to live heart healthy lifestyles and to rebuild heart muscle in a safe and controlled environment.

At the hospital they will be doing Phase 2 and 3 monitoring of patients. Phase 2 is monitored, where people work on exercise equipment while being monitored. Phase 3 is the next step, where exercise is not monitored, but people are given a treatment plan to follow.

Dorey and Thomas will be holding rehab sessions three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Generally, sessions will be 30-45 minutes of exercise, with at least one day a week devoted to nutritional information, lifestyle education, and stress management.

Patients will exercise on either stationary bikes or treadmills as part of the rehab process. Right now they can accommodate four patients per session, with plans to have two sessions a day.

According to Dorey, there has been interest from multiple healthcare providers in sending their patients to the new rehab facility. Both Thomas and Dorey are excited about the new program, as people will no longer have to drive as far as they had in the past.

Dorey and Thomas also want to spark change in people, build relationships, and improve the health of the community.

The cardiac rehabilitation program is expected to launch by Jan. 20. For more information contact the Lake District Hospital at 541-947-2114.

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