Chamber of Commerce release new brochure

Karen Enri’s picture, which won a Lake County Chamber of Commerce contest, will be the cover photo for the new Chamber of Commerce tourism brochure for 2020 coming in March.

With the success of their 2019 brochure, the Lake County Chamber of Commerce is hard at work putting the finishing touches on a brand new brochure to advertise Lake County to tourists.

The new 2020 brochure will feature a photograph by Karen Enri’s on its cover. Enri won the Lake County Chamber of Commerce’s photography contest.

The brochure will come out in mid-March, copies will be in eight welcome centers across Oregon, 74 hotels in the Medford and Ashland area, and 64 hotels in Bend.

Travel Oregon, and Travel Southern Oregon, are not providing funds to produce or distribute the new brochure – costs are being incurred by Chamber of Commerce members. Those at the $500 level are guaranteed a spot, while lower tiers have a chance of being in the brochure but not guaranteed.

“We are adding a couple of new sections,” said Jessica Bogardus, executive director of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce.

Included will be a section on the Dark Sky Initiative. It will mainly be informational, with details about how dark it is out in Lake County and its potential tourism benefits.

Another new section is to focus on the Christmas Valley area. Bogardus was extremely happy about the response they have had from groups and businesses signing up as members in the Christmas Valley area. With these new members they plan to highlight them in their own special section.

There will also be a relocation section, which will provide information from realtors about moving to Lake County.

“We want to keep people interested in what we offer to people,” Bogardus said.

One of the areas they are going to focus on with the new brochure is weekend warriors from Jackson, Deschutes, and other regional counties that have become crowded. While they are not looking to be overrun, the Chamber of Commerce wants tourists to know that Lake County is open and ready for an alternative visit.

A good portion of the photographs in the brochure, and it will be bigger as more groups and businesses have joined at the $500 level, will focus on outdoor recreation in Lake County.

For the 2019 brochure they printed 20,000 copies. For 2020 instead 30,000 copies will be printed. This allows them to keep brochures stocked. Last year the welcome center at the Portland International Airport kept running out of Lake County’s brochure, and repeatedly asked for more.

Currently the plan is to print the brochures in March. As soon as the Lake County of Chamber Commerce Board of Directors approves design of the brochure, it will be printed and distributed around the state.

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