Lights out

Streetlights like this one on Mountain View and South Sixth streets can be reported to Pacific Power.

During public comment at the Lakeview Town council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 13, Lakeview resident Scott Steward brought to the Council’s attention last summer several streetlights being burnt out in Lakeview. 

“I think there was about 17 streetlights out when I came to you guys last year,” he said. 

“Half of them are still out, a year later.  It’s not my job to report every street light. I understand that Pacific Power is part of the equation for those streetlights and the public is being ripped off, for them not being on.” 

He also cited the condition of the sidewalks brought up by Maurice Lepley leading to the Town Pool and that his grandchildren can’t walk there in their bare feet and questioned the Council as to what they were doing to resolve the issue. He recalled a conversation with Mayor Ray Turner wherein he was told that a contractor was going to repair the worn and damaged areas. 

Steward brought the Council’s attention to the weed issue that is occurring all around town, with weeds growing in the sidewalks, up the side of businesses like the library, banks and the post offices etc. 

“Here we spend $1000 on these advertisements with Lakeview trying to bring tourism here, but the Town looks horrible,” he said. “That is one thing that was Skip Thornton’s pet peeve and he used to send his son out to cut weeds if the Public Works Department was too busy.”

He asked the Council, if they could get workers from the County Corrections work crew or anyone to assist. 

“This makes us look like second class citizens because it just looks so bad,” he said. “It’s a shame that people don’t have a little more ownership in their yard and what’s in front of them. People need to step up and we need to have ownership in this.”

According to the Town of Lakeview’s Facebook page, if anyone has a streetlight in their neighborhood, please get the pole number and address and send an email to to report it. 

The Council took no further action.

For more information, contact Town Hall at 541-947-4957.

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