County helps to make face shields for Hospital

Mary O’Sullivan, l-r, Lake County Commissioner Mark Albertson, Youth Investment Coordinator Jim Nicholl and Grady Vandenberg are all helping to make face shields for employees at the Lake District Hospital at the Lake County Courthouse.

In an effort to help out Lake District Hospital and Lake County Public Health employees of the Juvenile and Adult Community Justice staff have been working at making face shields for employees at the Hospital.

So far they have delivered around 280 shields to the hospital, and led by Jake Greer, juvenile services director for Lake County, staff plan to continue to make more shields.

Right now they are working on the shields in Memorial Hall and a few other parts of the Lake County Courthouse. While maintain social distancing. Currently around three-to-four staff are working on making shields at any one time, and as a group they can create approximately 20 shields in an hour.

Lake County Commissioner Mark Albertson talked to Lake County Public Health Dir. Judy Clarke about the design, and what has required for the face shields. Clarke told Albertson that the Hospital only had so many face shields on hand, and that there was pressure to get more. Even asking for donations from the community, as supplies were going to run low. Albertson then sought assistance from Greer and his department in helping to make the face shields. Also helping were Jim Nicholl and Grady Vandenberg.

At first the supplies for the face shields were purchased by Albertson, though now supplies are being purchased by Lake County and Lake District Hospital.

Currently the operation runs on the assembly line mode. One person cuts the shield out of the hard plastic, double sided tape and elastic bands. Other people work on attaching the foam padding to the plastic with hot glue. Double-sided tape is also used to keep all attached. Then elastic bands are attached that is used to put the face shield around people’s heads. Adjustments can be made to adjust for air flow.

Currently face shields will continue to be made by County staff until the crisis passes, or more supplies arrived from the State.

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