The building site as of press time.

Preliminary construction has begun behind Lake District Hospital, west of the Assisted Living Facility. Construction has hit a bit of a road block as unexpected costs have arisen. 

Lake District Hospital’s construction of the new EMS building has hit a bit of a road block. 

Speaking before the hospital board on Thursday, Sept. 5, CEO Charlie Tveit, provided the current figures of the new building. 

“When we originally started this discussion, we had our Kinsman bid, plan review, permit fees, our contract with Anderson Engineering and the power company fee,” Tveit said. “When we submitted our plans originally, we were going to have essentially two buildings, one where we put the vehicles and one where we put people. It wasn’t going to be required that we have a sprinkler system, which is why we set it up that way.” 

When the hospital submitted their plans, the county building inspector came back and said the building had to have a sprinkler system and some of the windows were changed on the second floor. 

Currently the hospital received $250,000 from the ambulance crews, an anonymous  donation of $500,000 and $321,351 loan from the bank, contingent on the project being completed by the end of the year. 

“I have not yet received an answer from the bank or the bond attorneys as to what happens if the project is not completed by the end of the year,” Tveit said. 

Tveit presented to the board, $116,941 in additional costs which includes the sprinkler installation and a Basin Telecom agreement contract, which ties everything together like the fire suppression systems and if there was a fire or something, it would notify outside agencies and get a message out through the hospital’s main system and alert every building. 

There was also a bid submitted for “possible delayed work” that includes a backup generator and exterior light poles totaling approximately $91,100.

“Several years ago, we purchased lighting for the south side of the building where the employees park,” Tveit said. “We don’t have to put lights in, but it is still very dark over there and it is a concern. We need to do it at some point.”

While there is no requirement for a backup generator, the purpose of the backup generator would be so the EMS crews could open those doors and not have to do it manually. The hospital’s main backup generator could still work, but after speaking with engineering firms, the cost to do the work would be about the same as if a new generator was bought. 

Being that the hospital is half a million dollars short on the project, Tveit said that they could post-pone some of the other construction that the hospital was going to start, or possibly ask the ambulance crews for more money, although the ambulance crews are already covering the cost of a 911 alarm connection, interior painting, washing machine for protective clothing and phones, computers and other various furniture. The only revenue the hospital collects would be from renting the space that the hospital is building. 

The Board approved $122,000 for the additional costs and wanted Tveit to explore other avenues of funding such as possibly asking Red Rock for assistance funding and other grant opportunities. 

For more information, contact LDH at 541-947-2114.

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