Gardens Assisted Living now open

A full kitchen with a cook that can make anything upon request is one of the many things that the Lakeview Gardens Lilly House Assisted Living  has to offer.

Lakeview Gardens Assisted Living Residence Lilly House opened its doors to the public on Monday, June 4. 

The Lilly House has a floor plan like the Plum House and Lilac House, with the public in mind. Admittance into Lilly House is based on the level of care that the patient needs. The Lilly House features 12 private rooms, that are slightly bigger than the rooms in the Gardens with individual heating and cooling options, a full kitchen, with a cook that can make almost anything on request and dining space, spa and more. 

The Lilly House also features geothermal floors, which is nice especially in the winter if it’s 10 degrees outside, the floor inside the house will stay consistent at 72 degrees.  

According to Admin. Asst. Larry Coulter, since the Lilly House is assisted living, they are not required to have certified nursing assistants (CNA). They have medication assistants and caregivers to help out in the facility. They’re only required to work 40 hours a week, but must be available 24 hours a day. They’re required to have a caregiver and a medication assistant on staff at all time, just in case there’s an incident where someone falls, there’s two people on site to help. 

“One thing that is different than the other buildings, is the lighting,” Coulter said. “We’re required to have half the amount of lighting than the long term care facilities, because our residents don’t require as much assistance.”

Coulter praised his staff at Lilly House for really making things flow.

“Our staff is caring, compassionate and will do anything to make our residents here happy,” Coulter said. “Right now, the hospital is having trouble finding housekeepers, so since we’re at half capacity, a few of our staff have offered to do housekeeping at the hospital a few days a week. The staff really wants to ensure that our residents remain happy.”

Coulter said once June 4 hit, they were ready to go and hit the ground running with no kinks to work out. 

“The only thing we have to work out is the medication passes,” Coulter said. “For example, if someone needs an insulin shot at 7 a.m. and narcotics at noon, we need to make sure that a nurse is here on site, to watch over the medication assistant, to ensure things are being done properly and that has to be done for two weeks.” 

Coulter said that he loves this new building and thinks the building will be good for the public. 

“This building was designed specifically with the public in mind,” Coulter said. 

For more information, contact Lake District Hospital at 541-947-2114.

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