Goose Lake railway new locomotive

The locomotive most recently purchased by Goose Lake Railway was built in 1979 and came from Kentucky.

Goose Lake Railway recently acquired another locomotive, which is now at the rail yard in Lakeview. The locomotive was purchased from a locomotive dealer and came from Kentucky, according to Goose Lake Railway Managing Member Toby Van Altvorst.

It was built in 1979, he said, and went through a rebuild in the 1990s. Older locomotives tend to last a long time as they were well-built, Van Altvorst noted.

“It came from an era when we built stuff to last in this country,” he said. The same is true for another locomotive the Railway purchased months before receiving the engine from Kentucky. That locomotive was built in 1952, Van Altvorst reported.

The process to acquire the 1979 locomotive took three months. Goose Lake Railway sent a mechanic to evaluate it before committing to the purchase.

The newest locomotive will be making trips to Alturas, Calif. once a week, hauling perlite and wood product. Eventually, the Railway anticipates using it to haul biofuel from Red Rock.

The 1952 and 1979 locomotives are owned by the Railway, unlike three others in use, which are being leased. Ownership means the locomotives are long-term additions to Goose Lake Railway’s fleet. It will allow the Railway to use what it owns to haul freight, Van Altvorst said.

For the rest of the story pick up the Wednesday, Oct. 14, edition of the Lake County Examiner.

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